Italy creates digital transfo…

Italy creates digital transformation team


On 24 March, the government of Italy started ‘Developers Italia’ a digital government transformation team and software development community focusing on open source software development. Software solutions and software libraries are to be published on GitHub, published under the MIT licence.

The Developers Italia team was announced at Codemotion, one of Italy’s key tech conferences.

Italy’s Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale (AGID) - the country’s Agency for the Digitalisation of the Public Sector also announced the initiative. “Created to improve the quality of public administration software, Developers Italia is the next step towards digitisation and innovation in the country”, the agency writes.

The developers are to start working on Italy’s new eID system (SPID), the national citizens registration system (ANPR) and the open data portal,

From the website’s English FAQ:

“The website was created to simplify and improve the interaction between the developers and the Public Administration, beginning with some important projects like the ANPR, the National Registry of the Resident Population, or the SPID, the public identity digital management system. Until now, except for some rare exceptions, the central Public Administration limited itself to drafting laws and regulations in a non-technical bureaucratic language without any tools or initiatives to support the developers involved in building and integrating software. Developers Italia wants to fill this gap, starting with a handful of projects which will grow in the coming months. Around these projects we want to build a community, starting from the basics: re-writing the documentation in technical language, using as a publish platform the open source project Read The Docs, and by providing a development environment, examples, and SDKs for the most common languages and frameworks. We’ll provide direct support via the forum, built on top of the open source project Discourse and already accessible online, instead of a helpdesk accessible only by phone.”

Developers Italia was set up by Giovanni Bajo, one of the developers working for the Government Digital Transformation Team. This team was set up by Diego Piacentini, a former VP at Amazon, who in 2016 was asked to lead the Prime Minister's digital technology office.

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I'ts a very good idea to offer direct support.


It could help a lot, good initiative and just to congratulate all the team.



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