Kiev tests open budget process

Kiev tests open budget process

Published on: 15/01/2016

The 2016 budget of the city of Kiev (Ukraine) has been created virtually following an open consultation with citizens. This initiative has been presented as a successful pilot project and as a survey to increase transparency.

This is the first time that Kiev citizens were able to access a public portal and “influence” the decisions of the city authorities, the local website UNN said on December 3.  The results of this public consultation were then taken into account by the commission in charge of the Kiev budget, UNN added. The local authorities, public department managers, members of the municipal council and some representatives from civil society attended the commission session at which the results were discussed.

This initiative, part of the programme Kiev Smart City, is the result of collaboration between the city’s authorities and the local NGO, SocialBoost. The latter is a Ukrainian NGO which promotes open data in the country, stimulates open data communities and organises hackatons related to government services. The NGO developed many public and online services and key public projects in Ukraine, including the national open data portal and the OGP’s local portal,

Through this new initiative SocialBoost partnered with Open North, a Canadian company, which has developed a ready-to-use portal called Citizen Budget. This portal was adapted for the Kiev project.

The portal provided access to 20 topics, related to education, health, and municipal residential services, for example. Citizens were able to increase or decrease the budget allocated to all these sectors.

“We chose the budget for the survey, which will be clear to the majority of the population, and now we will analyse what happened and what are the needs of city inhabitants, according to the survey”, the president of the budget commission said.