Linux-based kiosk PCs assists…

Linux-based kiosk PCs assists visitors town hall Dutch Uden

Published on: 28/08/2013

The Dutch municipality of Uden is this week placing its second kiosk PC in the town hall, available for visitors that need to use the municipality's website and web-services. The two Kiosk PCs are running the Debian Linux-based Webconverger. "Using this free software-based system saves us valuable time and money", says Martin Charvat, IT consultant for the municipality.

Like many other municipalities in the country, Uden is nudging its citizens and companies to use the town's website to make appointments, aiming to reduce the number of office visiting hours. For the visitors that are not yet aware of this change, and for those in the town that do not have access to a computer or the Internet, the municipality a few months ago decided to look for a PC-based solution, a so-called kiosk PC, that could be placed in the town hall.

A first option was to use the same proprietary operating system used elsewhere in the town hall, says Charvat. "But securing such a PC, to make sure it can not be misused, takes a lot and continuous effort. It would also require purchasing several extra licences."

Info point

After considering a few alternatives, Charvat proposed that Uden switch to Webconverger, offering tamper-proof info-points. "It is very easy to configure; making the PC show just our own website that users can browse. Using the Webconverger software is also free of cost. We did purchase a maintenance contract for each of the two PCs, in total an amount of just over 300 euro. That is basically nothing, for two PCs that will be running for years."

One of the two kiosk PCs is already in place, the second one will follow this Friday.


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