Local and corona knowledge with Integreat app

Information about local society – and the pandemic

Published on: 29/01/2021
Last update: 08/05/2021

Integreat app helps people who are new in Germany to find their way to the job center, cheaper housing, or to see a doctor. During COVID, Integreat has added the official guidelines for preventing infections - in mulitiple languages. The app alse protects the users data and you can use it regardless of your status: Immigrant, asylm seeker, undocumented etc.

Integreat App, logo


The corona restrictions aren’t easy for anyone these days. And most definitely not if you don’t understand the national language. Integreat has therefore expanded the informations on their app. The newest info is from a Live Content function. It goes across the German municipalities, which use the app. Information on the virus and how to prevent infection is on the Live Content. Where the municipalities don’t have to maintain the content themselves.


The guide for newcomers

The Open Source app Integreat is a German developed app. Their vision is to create communication and understanding across cultures through digital solutions.

The lack of information is a crucial barrier for newcomers in a new country. Integreat is capable of breaking this barrier through technology by giving a tool to integration experts to share their knowledge to a huge audience (on the concept of Integreat)

Integreat is developed by the organisation Tür an Tür – Digitalfabrik. It is financed by both private and public actors, including the user municipalities.

Currently 60 German municipalities use the app to provide information on their local society. On their Android or iOS device, or as an online service. The recent developments of the app calls for an example.


New category in the app

The example here will be Münich that is one of the municipalities in the Integreat-project. It is not so important which one. Any can show the features in the app.

First you select a city (Münich) and you'll find information on eight different languages. It includes information about German language, health, education, culture, etc. In the current COVID-pandemic, the app has gotten a new category. Its icon has a different colour than the other yellow ones.

Under the category about the COVID virus, users will find news on the restrictions, how to prevent the spread, and links to the German tracking app Corona-Warn-App. The page explains that many events are cancelled. 'Appointments at the job centre or at the town hall or district office may also be cancelled', it says.


Inclusion software

The whole idea is inclusion in society for outsider. Those are found in various sizes and shapes. At the least, the app benefits these groups:

Integreat hilft …
….Menschen, sich in einer neuen Umgebung zurechtzufinden.
….Integrationsbeauftragten, ihre Arbeit schnell und effizient zu erledigen.
….Kommunen, digitale Integrationsarbeit kostengünstig durchzuführen.
(find source here)

(Integreat helps people who must find their way in a new environment. Integration officers who must perform their work fast and efficient. Municipalities, to carry their integration work through cheaply, my translation)

For complete inclusion privacy is also a priority in the Integreat project. The app doesn’t collect data about their users. And this expands the target group for the service.



Final take-aways

  • Integreat is a project to help newcomers to a country/city. It is inclusion through technology and with privacy protection.
  • During the COVID crisis, the app has had a news feed with information about the illness and how to protect oneself and others.