Malta's IT agency polled popu…

Malta's IT agency polled popularity of open source

Published on: 29/12/2012

A survey to measure the popularity of open source in Malta took place earlier this month. The poll was organised by the island nation's government Information Technology Agency, MITA. It was launched during the most recent Government of Malta Open Source End User Group, which took place in early December.

The Internet survey was intended for residents of Malta.

The survey will help MITA in promoting the use of free and open source software solutions.

The survey was published at the open source section of the agency's website, which, the IT organisation explains, is intended to increase the awareness of this kind of software. That is not the same as a governmental policy, MITA adds. "(The section) is not aimed to regulate the adoption of open source within the government, which is governed by the Open Source Software Policy and related Directive."

MITA's site and its work on the Open Source End User Group is to raise awareness and create understanding on open source software. The institute hopes this will also help to create and assist users and developers of open source within Malta's public administrations.

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