Moscow regional government to…

Moscow regional government to migrate to Open Source desktop

Published on: 13/05/2008

The Moscow regional administration will test usefulness of an Open Source desktop by migrating several hundreds of desktop PCs to Mandriva GNU/Linux and by installing OpenOffice on a thousand others.

The Open Source pilot is meant to familiarise public administrators with the alternatives to Microsoft products. Later, all desktops will be migrated to GNU/Linux and OpenOffice, the Russian news site Klerk reports in April.

Klerk cites a press statement by the Moscow Region Government, which says the migration is meant to cut costs and to strengthen IT security.

The regional government staff and their IT administrators will be trained to use Mandriva GNU/Linux and OpenOffice. The trainings are also open to all interested public administrators in the Moscow region, Klerk writes. Citizens interested in the type of software that is selected, can apparently try it out at a training centre in Nakhabino, a town some twenty kilometres to the northwest of Moscow.

The regional government is to use both commercial and free versions of Manriva GNU/Linux. According to the German Linux Magazin the Russian IT company Lynx and the Russian office of Mandriva will deliver training and support for the migration.

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