Next version of Joinup in Dru…

Next version of Joinup in DrupalCamp Transylvania

Published on: 07/03/2017

The ongoing software development for the next version of Joinup, the European Commission’s digital government collaboration platform, is one of the key presentations at DrupalCamp Transylvania, which takes place from 31 March to 2 April in Tîrgu Mureș (Romania). The talk will focus on the new semantic database storage solution for the next Joinup version.

Transylvania's flying  Drupal developers

Application architect Sander Van Dooren will present how the Joinup development team is combining SPARQL - a semantic database query language - with the Triplestore semantic query database. The solution is built for Drupal 8.

Joinup is a collaborative platform managed by the European Commission’s ISA² Programme. The portal helps eGovernment professionals share IT solutions and exchange best practices. The next version of Joinup, which is expected this summer, should make it easier to find IT solutions and to download and reuse them.

Developers are also lightening the workload of those contributing and sharing solutions. Since it is based on Drupal 8, the new Joinup will also be optimised for use on smartphones and other mobile computing devices, by automatically adapting content to screen size.

The annual DrupalCamp Transylvania conference first took place in 2012. The conference organisers expect that this year between 80 and 150 Drupal developers will attend.

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