NL: Amsterdam approves Open S…

NL: Amsterdam approves Open Source desktop


The city council of Amsterdam decided earlier this month that its computer desktops should eventually all be based on Open Source and Open Standards. It says is too early to migrate all desktops, but the two Open Source pilots are considered a success.

The number of Open Source desktops in the city is expected to increase slowly, reports NOIV, the Dutch government's project to increase the governments use of Open Source and Open Standards, in a case study published this Sunday. The report quotes Manou Chen, a senior IT policy adviser for the city, who says the attitude towards the use of Open Source and Open Standards has changed. "The use of this type of software is a national policy. Within our organisation the Open Source pilots are no longer seen as ahead of things. It makes it easier to participate en introduce [the Open Source desktop]."

According to the report by NOIV, the city council has at the same time decided not to renew its software licence contract with Microsoft, which ran out on 1 October. "This does not mean we are no longer doing business with Microsoft", Chen told NOIV. "It is not the city's goal to phase out Microsoft completely. However, we have a lot of unused Microsoft software lying around, that will keep us going for years."

The administration of the city of Amsterdam has 10.000 PCs. Two years ago, the city began two trials with sixty Open Source desktops at the city's housing service and in one of its city districts. These pilots are based on Suse's GNU/Linux Enterprise Desktop, and office applications such as OpenOffice, Firefox and Gimp.

The city council will again discuss its policy on Open Source and Open Standards on 17 December.

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