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NO: Open source-based service FiksGataMi initiates the fixing of 1250 problems in 3 months

Published on: 01/07/2011

FiksGataMi, an open source-based service to report local street problems to Norwegian local authorities, has initiated the fixing of 1250 problems during the first three months of its operation, it was announced on 1 June 2011.

Since the launch of FiksGataMi in March 2011, 3 700 citizens have contributed over 6 000 reports of problems such as holes in the road, graffiti, unauthorised dumping of rubbish or defective street lighting. Two-thirds of the submitted reports concerned the disrepair of roads.

When a report is submitted, FiksGataMi automatically sends an email to the relevant one of Norway’s 273 municipalities, based on the geographical location which the citizen has marked on the map. The service utilises free map data from the OpenStreetMap project, which has good coverage in urban areas and more sparse coverage in less populated areas.

The public authorities have responded to the emails they have received from FiksGataMi. Some municipalities have fixed all reported problems older than four weeks: Elverum, Farsund, Gausdal, Gjerdrum, Grue, Høylandet, Kongsvinger, Lavangen, Lillesand, Lom, Lyngdal, Lyngen, Marnardal, Oppdal, Risør, Roan, Røyrvik, Sogndal, Strand, South-Varanger, Tysfjord, Ørskog and Åmot. Other municipalities have fixed over half the reported problems older than four weeks: Asker, Balsfjord, Bamble, Berg, Giske, Halden, Holmestrand, Larvik, Lørenskog, Narvik, Re, Spydeberg and Tysvær.

Petter Reinholdtsen, head of the Norwegian UNIX User Group (NUUG) and initiator of the service, said: "We were completely overwhelmed by the response at the launch, and are very pleased to see that so many people have found FiksGataMi useful.”

Background Information:

FiksGataMi was set up and run by volunteers of NUUG, and is developed with support from Friprog (the Open Source Competence Centre, in English) and Government Administration Services (Departementenes servicesenter – DSS, in Norwegian) based on free software from the British MySociety. NUUG is a non-profit association of professional computer users, software developers and operations personnel, and is focused on open standards, open source and UNIX-like operating systems.

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