OECD urges Lithuanian governm…

OECD urges Lithuanian government to be more open

Published on: 16/10/2015

The Lithuanian government should improve the debate and dialogue with both governmental and non-governmental actors. It should increase citizen engagement in law making, policy making and service delivery. And it should improve its eGovernment strategies and implementations. These are the recommendations from the recently published OECD report 'Lithuania: Fostering Open and Inclusive Policy Making'.

The authors of the report reviewed open government principles and practices in Lithuania with the aim of supporting the Lithuanian government in its current and future public governance reforms. Although the country has developed a legal and policy framework for open government with the aim of improving the openness, transparency and accountability of governmental processes and services and delivering on its commitments to citizens, the authors conclude that a long-term systematic intervention is required.

This should:

  • restore trust in government following the effects of the financial crisis;
  • make anti-corruption plans more effective;
  • improve evidence-based monitoring and evaluation of public policies; and
  • increase the use of performance information and improve policy making and service delivery.

The authors then propose a set of recommendations to support Lithuania in enhancing the openness and inclusiveness of policy making and service delivery, and to strengthen government-citizen relations.