OGP turning five, refocusing…

OGP turning five, refocusing on transformative impact


This month, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) is celebrating its fifth anniversary. Over the past five years the project has grown into a movement of 70 countries and thousands of civil society organisations, together creating National Action Plans whose implementation is assessed by the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM).

OGP is at a critical juncture now, CEO Sanjay Pradhan says. We need to capitalise on this solid foundation to catapult OGP to deliver transformational impact in the lives of citizens over the next five years.

Strategic refresh

Last May, the OGP Steering Committee decided that OGP should undergo a "strategic refresh" to increase its impact and deliver more transformative change for citizens. To date only 12 percent of OGP commitments are assessed to be potentially transformative and only 6 percent are potentially transformative and completed. These percentages need to be raised significantly over the next phase of OGP.

To this end, the civil society members of the Steering Committee are initiating a series of community conversations to engage the OGP civil society community in the Strategic Refresh, two OGP executives explained in a blog post. They are inviting the OGP civil society community to participate in various online and offline conversations to identify and co-create the priorities that should inform OGP's strategic direction for the next five years.

Each of these conversations will be open and accessible to all members of the community, but will be organised by region, to manage logistic and time-zone constraints. The conversations will be documented and shared with the full Steering Committee, and will also be shared with the wider community.

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