OGP unveils catalogue of open…

OGP unveils catalogue of open government tools


The Open Government Partnership has published the OGP Toolbox, aggregating the digital tools developed and used by organisations across the globe to improve democracy and promote openness. So far, it lists 1,266 tools, 189 use cases and 515 organisations.

The Open Government Partnership Toolbox

The OGP Toolbox was launched at the OGP 2016 Global Summit, in Paris (France) in December. From the website:

“The OGP Toolbox is designed as a social network: concrete use cases, technical criteria informed by the community and recommendations in the form of tool collections make it possible to benefit from the experience of users that have already implemented existing solutions.”

The toolbox is intended to be a reference database, aiming to foster sharing and reuse of available software solutions, OGP announced in December. “The portal lists open data portals, public consultation platforms, tools for monitoring and co-creating the law, discussion forums, civic tech solutions, and online platforms to monitor the implementation of national action plans.”

The portal itself is published as free and open source software, developed by France’s Etalab, the Prime Minister’s taskforce in charge of the country’s open data and open government policy. The system is available in English and French.

More information:

OGP Toolbox

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