Open data in Austria: a strat…

Open data in Austria: a strategy also shared with the private sector

Published on: 04/01/2016

Companies, NGOs, industries, research centres, scientists and citizens in Austria can now publish their own data under an open license though a dedicated portal, Martin Kaltenböck, from Austrian-based Semantic Web Company, said during the ODI Summit 2015 last November.

While Austria has a vital community around Open Data and a well-structured public portal for governmental data - - open data from the private sector is missing, he said during the event. is a central meta-data and data portal and catalogue for non-governmental data”, he added. This Ckan-based portal is the result of a “very close cooperation with the public administration and the national government”. So it can be seen as a “sister-portal” of the national open data portal.

Standards and topics are aligned

Kaltenböck said that both portals used the same standard on meta-data to favour interoperability. The project is a non-profit initiative, he added.

Starting with 25 datasets, the non-governmental portal now lists 350 datasets published by 27 providers. It also hosts 7 applications that use data.

Among the data listed on the portal, we can find statistical information, code lists, product information and some points of interest (including shops’ locations).

10 volunteers are working on the project. in addition to data, the portal also hosts data tools to re-use data. Indexation is based on 14 topics, the same ones used by the national open data portal.

Kaltenböck said that to build the portal, the team needed to convince companies to open their data, particularly the big US companies that have subsidiaries in Austria. He noted that the project had pushed companies to manage their data.

The portal is financed mainly by the companies, but has received only a little support to date. “We are trying to find a business model to become sustainable”, Kaltenböck said during a Q&A session at the summit.