Open Data: Slovakia holds pub…

Open Data: Slovakia holds public consultation


Slovakia has held a public consultation to build its Open Government Partnership’s Action Plan for 2015. The consultation, organized by the Office of the Plenipotentiary of the Slovak Government for the Development of Civil Society (ÚSVROS) and the National Agency for Network and Electronic Services (NASES), was opene to “the public, the business sector, non-profit organizations, public institutions and local government”, the organisers said in a statement. The public consultation is now closed (on March 17th).

According to the Slovakian public authorities, the government has already published Open Data (central register of contracts - a list of contracts concluded by public administrations, business registers, etc.) via a national reference portal ( However, the latest consultation aimed at collecting information on what data “is most interesting” to Slovakian citizens. This will subsequently fuel a national Open Data policy for OGP.

Encouraging eParticipation and putting citizens at the centre of the national Action Plan is one of the criteria of the OGP’s principles to promote transparency and openness in political processes. When eligible, countries joining OGP must list their commitments, by taking account of public interests, among others. Government commitments must be built upon public consultations.

Identifying the right data for citizens

Slovakia joined OGP in 2011. According to the ODP website, Slovakia is currently implementing its first Action Plan and developing its second one.

This public consultation is based on a Google form. The questions are:

  • Which data from Slovakia (which is currently unavailable) would you like to see published?
  • Which data (from Slovakia) need improvements in quality?
  • How do you currently use open data or how would you like to use it?
  • And is there any way you would like to contribute to the open data ecosystem yourself?

The results will be published on the NASES and ÚSVROS websites. Information about Slovakia’s Open Government strategy is provided on

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