From Open Government to Open…

From Open Government to Open State (OGP Summit)

Published on: 14/12/2016

 The OECD published its report on “Open Government: The Global Context and Way Forward”, at the Open Government Partnership Global Summit in Paris in December 2016.

The report covers over  50 countries, analysing open government strategies and initiatives, and the challenges countries face in implementing and co-ordinating them. The report explores new trends in OECD member countries as well as a selection of countries from Latin America, MENA and South East Asia regions.


At the presentation at the OGP summit, a discussion was organised on future areas of open government that the report identified: the effort to mobilise and engage all branches, all levels of government and independent institutions to move from open government to open state, the importance of close co-operation with civil society as well as the growing importance of subnational governments to implement successful open government reforms.