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Open source Drive-through Testing Software for COVID-19

Open source Drive-through Testing

Published on: 07/08/2020 News Archived

The Hungarian start-up Rollet released a free and open source software solution named NOÉ for administering in-car COVID-19 testing. Already in use in Budapest, the open source software is available for reuse by any government or organisation interested in the rapid sampling of any virus for which a car provides a suitable environment for testing and screening.


Initially, Rollet solely provided a payment service that enables drive-through payments with a car. Using vehicle identification technology, Rollet allows drivers to make payments at parking lots, gas stations or drive-through restaurants without the use of card or cash. Leveraging this existing technology, Rollet designed NOÉ, an open source booking and patient management system to support testing efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Built as a backend, NOÉ supports organisations or governments to ensure that testing is accessible and widespread. The source code of NOÉ is available on GitHub under an MIT License.

Through NOÉ, Rollet aims at providing a contactless solution to limit the spread of viruses. After pre-registering online and selecting an available timeslot, patients are asked to avoid eating, drinking, smoking or brushing their teeth at least 4 hours prior to their arrival.

On the selected day and time, patients arrive at the testing centre in their own vehicle where they are identified by a QR code. The staff member on site provides a self-sampling kit and shares instructions for the sampling process. Once the sampling has been completed, patients can expect to receive their results the next day at the earliest. The NOÉ software supports all the steps of this process and enables testing centre workers to label samples digitally, thus reducing contact and limiting the risk of human error.

Additionally, NOÉ offers multiple features to ease the testing process, including:

  • A built-in registration flow for patients;
  • A comprehensive pre-testing health survey;
  • Operator-assigned booking timeslots;
  • Multi-location support;
  • A mobile app for on-site test administration and access to other information; and
  • Online payment and online invoicing for commercial applications.

The software is not limited to COVID-19 testing but can also be implemented for the rapid sampling of all viruses where a car provides a suitable environment for testing and screening. NOÉ was deployed in April 2020 for COVID-19 testing in two locations across the city of Budapest, through the Tesztállomás website. Each location could handle up to 100 visitors per day, a number that is easily scalable according to Rollet. The open source software has been designed to be easily replicable in order to ensure that governments worldwide are able to respond rapidly and effectively to the ongoing crisis.

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