Open Source Observatory at FOSDEM 2023

Interoperable Europe Act and public administration software reuse: join OSOR session in FOSDEM 2023

Published on: 19/01/2023
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The Open Source Observatory, at FOSDEM 2023, will present the Commission's Interoperable Europe Act and the proposal's implications for the Open Source ecosystem. FOSDEM 2023 takes place in Brussels on the 4-5th February. OSOR’s session is at 11:50am on Sunday 5 February in the Public Code and Digital Public Goods devroom. FOSDEM attendance is free and there is no registration, but seats in each devroom are limited.

The Interoperable Europe Act aims to reinforce the cross-border interoperability of the public sector’s digital services in the EU. The regulation would introduce a new set of governance structures between Member States and the European Commission (the co-owners of the governance structures) to reinforce European cooperation on interoperability.

The session by OSOR's Ciarán O'Riordan will focus on the proposed mechanism, which intends to facilitate the sharing and reusing of interoperable digital solutions between public administrations. The OSOR Team also invites the audience to discuss how the European open-source ecosystem can support these policy efforts. The Public Code and Digital Public Goods devroom takes a look into open source code implementing public policy, used for the public good, or originating from governments, public administrations, and state corporations. FOSDEM also has a dedicated devroom for legal and policy issues, which further discusses the regulation and FOSS' role in public administration. See the full agenda here.

FOSDEM 2023 is the biggest open-source software conference in Europe, held annually in Brussels, Belgium. The event was started in 2000 and is organised by the open-source software community.