Open source part of Bulgarian…

Open source part of Bulgarian eGovernment tender requirements


The Bulgarian government has added open source as a requirement to its 'Preliminary criteria for the eligibility of eGovernment projects'.

The document states that:

  • all rights with regard to the interface design and the source code of the project must be transferred from the contractor to the contracting party;
  • the source code developed for the project must be made publicly available in an online Revision Control System during development;
  • for all projects, it should be explored whether the whole or part (i.e. libraries, packages, modules) of the software can be based on existing open source software; if it is financially justified, using open source is the preferred approach;
  • to facilitate the use of the online Revision Control System and to guarantee the real-time availability of the latest version of the source code, the system should function as the central and original repository.

Good Governance

The criteria are part of the Operational Programme "Good Governance" (OPGG) 2014-2020. This programme outlines the priorities and objectives to invest 336 million euro — of which 286 million from the European Social Fund (ESF) — to help modernise the public administration and to improve the transparency of the judiciary in Bulgaria. The OPGG was recently approved by the European Commission and is currently starting.

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