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Published on: 16/11/2017

The European Commission’s Interoperability Unit (ISA²) is organising a round table discussion in Paris (France) on 6 December.

This workshop, which is part of the Paris Open Source Summit, will highlight some of the best practices in comprehensive policies and pragmatic tools from public services across the European Union. It includes experts and representatives of leading government modernisation organisations, who will show how the sharing and reuse of IT solutions by public sector organisations contributes to open, efficient and innovative government services.

An example of how to help public services innovate is France’s Secretariat-General for Government Modernisation (SGMAP). Its state start-up incubator and its open data unit Etalab task force use an agile approach to remove barriers to public services, and develop scalable ICT solutions using modern development methods, including public hackathons.

Bulgaria’s State eGovernment Agency (SEGA) shows how country-wide ICT-policies and central ICT services can be used to encourage public services to modernise. In Hungary, the National Information and Communication Services (NISZ) is central to the government’s ICT modernisation drive, which includes pushing for an increase of the use of open source software. The Commission’s policy and legal experts provide a wider context.

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The discussion will follow introductions by Georges Lobo, programme officer in Interoperability Unit (ISA²), Directorate General Informatics, European Commission, and Stefano Gentile, copyright and trademark law specialist, at the European Commission's Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Unit (JRC).

Participants in the round table discussion include a representative of Hungary's National Information and Communication Services (Nemzeti Infokommunikációs Szolgáltató, NISZ); Sandra Chakroun, software engineer at France's state start-up incubator; Tsvetanka Kirilova, state expert from the Information Systems and Interoperability Directorate at Bulgaria's State eGovernment Agency SEGA (Държавната агенция „Електронно управление“ ДАЕУ); and Patrice-Emmanuel Schmitz, legal adviser at the European Commission's Open Source Observatory (OSOR).

The round table is scheduled to take place between 16:00 and 17:00, on 6 December, in the 'Long-métrage' room at Les Docks de Paris.

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