OS2kitos: Used by 77 out of 98 Danish municipalities

The implementation of a system used by close to 80% of Danish municipalities

Published on: 24/11/2020
Last update: 08/05/2021

OS2kitos provides enormous value when the system is implemented, however, it does require some work by the municipalities in the implementation process.

OS2kitos, logo


77 of the 98 Danish municipalities use OS2kitos (kitos). It is the most popular IT-solution in the OS2 network. And it is also a very comprehensive system. Implementation requires according to a kitos-user some work. Firstly, the organisation must agree on the purpose of using the solution.


Grand IT overview

Kitos is a web-based solution. It is an acronym for “Kommunernes IT-Overblikssystem” (the municipalities’ overview system, ed). Kitos can create an overview over IT-systems, contracts, interfaces, project, GDPR and the filing obligation.

Municipalities don't have to use alle five modules. Actually they are encouraged by the kitos-secretariat to implement one module at the time.


Planning, planning, planning

As a municipality initiates their organisational implementation, the secretariat encourages the policy makers and the intended users of the solution to agree on one central plan. It is important to determine what to use the solution for and by whom it should be used.

Should it be central and controlled from the IT-department or decentralised and controlled by several superusers in the different departments?


Not simply plug-and-play

Good implementation is not simply a plug-and-play question. Rather, it takes time with the internal maturing of the organisation.

The secretariat recommends that the municipalities plan for which order the module should be implemented and which data should be registered in which module. In the grand recommendation, the secretariat recommend the municipalities to start with the IT-module and then the contract-module.

Ulla Larney from the kitos-secretariat says to me, the author, that it is very easy for new municipalities to overdo and be too ambitious for the registration of data. But, as she emphasizes, data is only useful if they provide an overview and if they are upkept. It is necessary to balance how much you get from the data versus how much time is spent on data collection.


Hit the wall?

The secretariat ensures to arrange best practice seances where the municipalities can exchange experiences about kitos. They are of course willing to help in the secretariat and it is also possible to get help on kitos’ dialogue platform.


Organisation of kitos

Kitos is part of OS2’s portfolio and is one of the two most mature products in relation to organisation, documentation, and code. The steering commitee is the highest ranging decision organ. It consists of representatives from four municipalities. Kitos is facilitated by a secretariat of 2 manpower years.



Final take-aways

  • Many IT-systems (including OS2kitos) are not simply a matter of plug-and-play.
  • Organisational implementation of kitos starts with one module (of five) at the time - and dialogue internally in the organisation about the intended use and results.
  • If any kitos-municipalities run against the wall, the secretariat is there to help and facilitate a dialogue between the user organisations.