OSCAL '15 | Open Source Confe…

OSCAL '15 | Open Source Conference Albania 2015

Published on: 30/03/2015

OSCAL (Open Source Conference Albania) is the first annual international tech conference in Albania organized by the open source community in Albania to promote software freedom, open source software, free culture and open knowledge.

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The second edition of the conference will take place once again in Tirana and will gather more than 400 free libre open source technology enthusiasts, developers, academics, governmental agencies and people who share the idea that software should be free and open for the local community and governments to develop and customize to its needs; that knowledge is a communal property and free and open to everyone. This year the organisers will focus more in the power of decentralization of decision making and development of technologies as a platform for social change.


The first edition of OSCAL, organized in 2014, was attended by more than 250 youngsters from Albania, Kosova and other countries. Over 11 speakers travelled from Germany, Ireland, Greece and Kosova to share their experiences and contributions in open source related topics. With over 15 influential speakers from Berlin, Skopje, Vienna, Athens, Thessaloniki, Zürich, Zagreb, Bern, Ohrid and more than 8 from Kosova, the presence at OSCAL will be highly diversified, turning OSCAL into a flagship regional conference about everything open source.


OSCAL follows a multi-track (main & side track workshops) and two-day conference model while offering advantageous booth possibilities for students, companies, communities and various projects. The conference starts at 10AM and ends at 6PM for both days (9th & 10th May) with the Freedom Building (Godina Liria) as the venue. OSCAL also has a special Android app which serves as an official companion for the conference. The application will assist attendants with all the necessary information and give them an idea what to expect from the event. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and will soon be available on the F-Droid Market for Android.


OSCAL is supported and organized by Open Labs. the community that promotes free libre open source culture in Albania since 2012. Open Labs Albania is a non governmental, not for profit organization, dedicated to promote openness, freedom, transparency and access by amplifying its voice as a community altogether. All the details are presented on the website.

For any questions, you can contact the organizers at Open Labs: oscal[at]openlabs[dot]cc.