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OSOR Community Award voting has closed - the winner has been announced!

OSOR Community Award - the winner has been announced!

Published on: 07/11/2023 News

Blue Hats logo
OSOR Community Award voting has concluded, and we're delighted to announce that the winner is BlueHats, the French public sector open source community initiative! Our congratulations to BlueHats for securing the OSOR Community Award with 18% of the total votes. 

About the winner

BlueHats was established in France in 2018 to connect public servants skilled in open source software who were unaware of their colleagues with similar expertise. Today, BlueHats has grown into a vibrant community of over 2,000 public servants and developers promoting open source in the public sector. They engage in daily discussions, host "garagethons", and share resources, like the Helm Charts, among ministries. BlueHats aims to expand internationally, encouraging other nations to participate. 

In the OSOR Community Vote, BlueHats was a resounding winner with 18% of the votes - 7% percent more than the nearest competitor.

BlueHats will be presenting their project at the "OSOR Turns 15: From Pioneering to Mainstreaming Open Technologies in Public Services" conference in Brussels on 21 November. They will take the stage alongside the six finalists of the EU Public Services Open Source Achievement Awards, as chosen by the jury. 

This year's competition saw nominations from 22 projects, comprising 16 solutions and 6 initiatives, curated by the OSOR Team and experts from the European Commission. The awards drew 93 eligible submissions from 23 different countries. 

Join the OSOR Conference in Brussels to celebrate the winners with us!