Paris Region unveils official…

Paris Region unveils officials information system

Published on: 18/08/2016

Île-de-France - the Paris Region - will publish as open source Babylone, its software solution to aggregate and manage information on elected officials. The region’s administration hopes other regions will reuse the software, and pool resources for updates and future versions.

A slide from the presentation on BabyloneThe Babylone software helps the region manage information on its elected officials, including contact details, political affiliation and membership of the region’s political committees. The software lets the region and the elected officials themselves to stay up to date on any changes. The solution provides a complete audit trail of the information, as well as the software itself.

Babylone is to become a repository for all applications related to elected officials and their various committees. The solution gathers  information at these sources, and then makes it available to everyone that requires acces, saving time and effort.

Meeting management

The software offers scheduling of meetings, combined with the management of meeting documentation. Babylone allows for the creation and management of groups, and accommodates political parties and independent elected officials.

“An elected officials management tool such as this did not exist previously, and by sharing it with others, we expect to achieve economies of scale”, Coralie Ducloy, IT project manager for the Paris Region, explained. She presented Babylone at the Adullact Congress 2016 held in Montpellier on 24 June.

Development of Babylone, which is built on open source components, took a mere 25 days - spread out over several months, Ms Ducloy said: “It took five code sprints, and were now making sure the code is ready for production.”

The software gets its name from the address of the Regional Council of ÎIe-de-France. Babylone will be published before the end of the year, through France’s free software licence, the Cecill v2. The documentation will be available under a creative commons licence.

More information:

Adullact Congrès 2016


Mon, 22/08/2016 - 10:48

Le logiciel Babylone est-il un software gratuit ou payant ?

Mon, 22/08/2016 - 11:25

The source code will be published under an open source licence.