Parliament: Navarre should mo…

Parliament: Navarre should move to use open source


The Parliament of Navarre, one of Spain’s autonomous regions, wants the region to switch to free and open source software. A resolution urging the government to draft a migration plan was adopted by the Parliament on 27 October.

Message on Twitter announcing Podemos' free software planThe policy, to be written by Navarre’s directorate for ICT and Innovation, should be ready within a year.

The proposal, submitted by Podemos MP Carlos Couso, was supported by the majority of political groups in the Parliament, according to press reports.

The free software migration plan was one of several proposals submitted by the Parliament related to its Estado de la Comunidad (State of the Community) debates.

More information:

Resolutions adopted by the Navarre Parliament on 28 October (in Spanish)
Documents related to the ‘Estado de la Comunidad ‘ (in Spanish)

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