Poland implements amended PSI…

Poland implements amended PSI Directive


Last week, the Polish Parliament accepted the Senate's amendments to the new law on the re-use of public sector information. That allowed the law, prepared by the Ministry of Digitization, to be finally passed. It will become effective three months after publication in the Polish Journal of Laws (Dziennik Ustaw).

The new law is the Polish transposition of the European 'Directive 2003/98/EC on the Re-use of Public Sector Information' (i.e. the PSI Directive), which was amended in 2013 to cater for open government data and cultural heritage information. Now, digitised works of art, reproductions of archival materials and electronic publications curated by libraries, museums and archives can be re-used under the same conditions.

Responding to criticism on the previous implementation of the PSI Directive, in the new law the re-use of public information is separated from the access to public information, which according to the Polish government, will make the new legislation more transparent and easier to use.

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