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Poland to start a central sou…

Poland to start a central source code repository

Published on: 29/10/2016

Poland is to create a central source code repository, aiming to facilitate sharing and reuse of ICT solutions. The repository is part of an overhaul of the country’s eGovernment strategy, which was adopted last month.


Poland also aims to create ‘a uniform system of electronic document management in government administration’, to be built as open source software. This will unleash ‘the potential of entities cooperating with eGovernment service providers and extend the document management system’.

The repository and the open source government document management system are part of the ‘Program Zintegrowanej Informatyzacji Państwa’ (PZIP - national integrated digitalisation programme). With PZIP, the Ministry of Digitisation aims to “create a coherent, logical and efficient state information system, providing eServices at national and European level in an effective way in terms of quality and cost.”

Poland's Minister for Digitisation Anna Streżyńska ponders the importance of a government ICT architect

Announcing the government approval for PZIP, the ministry explains that it wants a coherent and carefully planned government ICT strategy. It questions, for example, the amounts spent on office productivity software licences. Money is wasted on features that are never used - and public administrations should consider other options, including free alternatives, the ministry writes.

With PZIP the government aims to centralise government ICT systems. The programme includes plans for a central eGovernment services portal, a centralised state register, and centralisation of government data centres.

The overhaul of the government’s ICT strategy was announced earlier this year. A draft version was open for public comments until July.

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