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Polish Economy Ministry makes consultation site open source

Published on: 18/06/2013
Last update: 23/10/2019

Poland's Ministry of Economy will make available the source code that it wrote for linking its back office to a site built with the open source content management system Drupal. The site is used for holding consultations and to gather feedback on projects and policies by the ministry.

"This is more than a standalone consultation platform based on Drupal", explains a spokesperson on behalf of the ministry. The service is made of two parts: a module for the Drupal-based site, to create consultations and share documents, and the code that link this module to the document management system. "We're using Zend Framework to create this second part. The solution allows us to embed the document and work-flow management system, including legislative and technical rules for creating the documents."

Live data
The applications are currently being readied to go into production. The developers are still fixings a few bugs, says the spokesperson. "But we're already working on live data."

The ministry expects this phase to be completed in about one month time. "Then we will publish the code on a software development site." The ministry has not yet decided which code repository it will use.

Poland's Foundation on Open and Free Software (FWIOO) says that the ministry's site "has the potential to become the default on-line consultation platform of the Polish government." The organisation was involved in drafting the specifications for the software solution. "One year ago we created a similar tool for the Ministry of Administration and Digitization. That it is also a combination of Drupal and free software extensions."


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