Prague budget transparency app

City of Prague launched an open source-powered mobile app to increase budget transparency


The City of Prague launched in October 2019 the CityVizor application, a mobile app which gives information on how the City of Prague manages its budget (expenses, funding from various sources, local taxes) in order to increase transparency. The application source code, published on GitHub, was released under the free GNU AGPL v3 license.

Prague budget transparency app

What is the CityVizor application?

The CityVizor application is based on open data related to the budgetary management of cities and municipalities. The aim of the project is to offer towns and municipalities a simple possibility to make their budgetary data available to the public. CityVizor is built on the principle of shared service and is run by the Open Cities Association and the Česko.Digital community. The application was developed by employees of the Ministry of Finance using TypeScript, ExpressJS, NodeJS and Postgre.

The main services offered by the CityVizor application are the following:

  • Cash flow: access to information on the expenditures and suppliers of the public administration;
  • Projects & events: monitoring of specific public-funded projects or investment projects;
  • Budget plans: access to the budget of expenditures, the fulfilment of the budgetary plans in a given year and the links of individual invoices and investments;
  • Official desk: view of all the latest publications of official documents;
  • Contracts: overview of the latest contracts signed by the public administration bodies.

An open source application

The CityVizor source code is now available on GitHub, released under the free GNU AGPL v3 license, which means that each licensee who accepts its terms, acquires the right to modify, copy, and distribute work and any derivative version. The free GNU AGPL v3 license also means that anyone running the application over a network must offer the source code under the same license.

Recently, the open source community Česko.Digital got involved in the development of the CityVizor application. Česko.Digital is a community of top developers, designers and production people willing to use their free time to help state and non-governmental organisations in the development and maintenance of open source solutions.

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