Report: How Slovakia has impl…

Report: How Slovakia has implemented its open data strategy

Published on: 30/03/2016

A report published by Princeton University (US) details how Slovakia has implemented an open data strategy with limited support from ministries and the help of NGOs. Entitled “Bringing Government Data into the light: Slovakia’s open Data Initiative, 2011-2015”, this report, written by Jordan Schneider and funded by The Open Government Partnership (OGP), tells the story of Open Data in Slovakia: from the creation of a central repository for public contracts (Central Registry of Contracts) in 2011, to the development of a national Open Data portal in 2015 which links to data sets published by the Slovakian ministries.

The report also deals with COMSODE (Components Supporting the Open Data Exploitation), an EU-funded consortium bringing together Slovakia, Italy, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. This project works on streamlining the conversion of data into machine-readable formats and “to assist with the review and clearance of data from internal Slovak ministry databases for publication in 2016”. Generally speaking, COMSODE aims also at developing a publication platform for Open Data called Open Data Node, and a methodology framework.

A chronological evolution

This case study details chronologically the open data evolution in Slovakia, highlighting technological and political challenges encountered by the principal supporter of Open data in the country.

For example, Schneider explains how a small government team in charge of the open data initiative “lost the active support of the prime minister’s office” after the opposing party was elected. “In response, the office worked with a dozen committed NGO activists to press for political support, coordinate with various ministries, and ensure that Slovakia’s nascent open data portal would survive”, the report says.

It also tackles the long process of building an open data portal with the involvement of a few ministries and civil servants. How to push ministries to publish their data is also at the heart of the report.

To date, the open data portal of Slovakia ( has centralised 913 datasets.