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EP wants funds for open source to fight cybercrime


The European Parliament (EP) wants the European Commission to fund IT security research projects involving open source software. Using free and open source software can help prevent cybercrime and withstand cyberattacks, the EP says in a resolution on Europe’s cybersecurity strategy that was adopted in Strasbourg (France) on 3 October.

In its resolution, the Parliament calls on the Commission to create incentives to develop an IT infrastructure that can withstand cyberattacks.

This resilience is key in preventing cybercrime, the EP says, and should be given priority by the EC and the EU Member States. The EP says proactive policies and actions are needed to help defend networks and critical infrastructure. The policiticians call “for a comprehensive European approach to the fight against cybercrime that is compatible with fundamental rights, data protection, cybersecurity, consumer protection and e-commerce.”

Next to prevention, the Parliament resolution also suggests clarifying the responsibilities and liabilities of Internet service providers and strengthening cooperation between the police and the courts. In addition, the EP urges the EC and Member States to increase their expertise and skills in fighting cybercrime and cyberattacks, and to improve cooperation with other countries.

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