Romania: a platform to compar…

Romania: a platform to compare candidates in local elections

Published on: 02/06/2016

Initiativa Romania (Initiative Romania), a Romanian civic movement open to all citizens, has developed a web platform the goal of which is to compare the 67 mayoral candidates in Bucharest. 

This platform was developed to help citizens select their local political representatives and to provide a way to have “an informed vote”. The local elections for which this tool was built are scheduled for June 5.

Called “”, the platform lists all the candidates and gives a detailed profile of each of them: their political affiliation, their professional experience and their political history. It also details their declaration of assets and their political proposals for Bucharest. Their involvement in controversial affairs is also supposed to be mentioned on the platform, Initiativa Romania said on its blog.

The idea is to centralise information, making it unnecessary for citizens to visit the websites or social media platforms of all the candidates, the civic movement explained. The tool allows citizens to compare up to five candidates. “It allows Bucharest to give votes to candidates based on their history and five criteria: relevant experience, leadership and vision, initiative and commitment, community involvement, and integrity”, the website said. It is also possible to grade the candidates.

Three developers created the platform and twelve people were involved in collecting data on the candidates.

However “ will not stop on June 5”, Initiativa Romania said. It will also be used for the next parliamentarian elections.

Initiativa Romania is also known for having developed a mobile application (Harta banilor publici – Public Money Map), which provides citizens with information on public contracts, signed by public authorities in Bucharest. Contracts can also be visualised on a Google Map.