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Galicia promotes the use of OpenESB


The government of Galicia (Spain) is encouraging companies to use OpenESB: software that helps integrate business applications in a service-oriented IT architecture.

On 17 October, Galicia’s Centro Demostrador TIC, CDTIC, the region’s ICT demo centre in Santiago de Compostela, is organising a workshop to demonstrate the capabilities of the most recent version of OpenESB. The workshop is intended for IT decision makers, IT architects and ICT professionals working on businesses application integration and web services.

In Galicia the government employment agency uses OpenESB to tie all of its IT systems together. Early last year, Alejandro Casas, IT project manager at the agency explained how OpenESB improves scalability of the agency’s business processes.

“OpenESB - Open Extended Service Bus, is an open source solution that allows many types of integration between a large scope of applications and datasets”, says Paul Perez, technical architect at Pymma Consulting, an ICT service provider. Perez, who will be giving the workshop in October, says OpenESB allows public services to gather legacy applications, external services, data, and sensor messages, to publish useful services. “The seminar will introduce the new features developed by the community and show how OpenESB resolves technical and financial challenges faced by companies and public services”, he says.

The workshop’s primary aim is to show local companies how to use OpenESB for the Internet of Things and BigData. Public services staff are welcome.

More information:

Workshop announcement by CDTIC (in Galician)

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