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Open source and cloud based procurement services for France’s municipalities

Published on: 17/01/2019
Last update: 04/04/2019

It’s getting easier for France’s local and regional public services to manage their procurement entirely electronically, thanks to open source software.

Adullact, a membership association that helps local public services use free and open source software, has teamed up with Cogitis, a French ICT service provider for local public administrations, to offer Web Marché (or Web Market), a set of web services to manage procurement electronically. Cogitis is making Web Marché available as a cloud-based service.

Public procurement rules introduced in France in October require all public services to handle all public tender requests above EUR 25,000 electronically. The goal is to make the entire procurement process paperless. Web Marché, Adullact’s electronic procurement management solution, helps local and regional public services achieve this goal.

Cogitis is a long-time member of the Adullact association and promotes the use of open source. In 2016, for example, the company published its MutualiTIC case management system as open source.

As of late last year, Web Marché is now available in MutualiTIC. “Enabling a paperless procurement process completes the service offering to municipalities and inter-communal services,” the two organisations wrote in a press release.

The French central government uses the same code. France’s Plateforme des achats de l’Etat (or State Procurement Platform, PLACE), and Outil de rédaction des marchés de l’Etat (Drafting Tool for State Procurement Procedures, ORME) are slightly modified versions of Web Marché, says Pascal Kuczynski, Adullact’s general manager.

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