Slovenian government: adminis…

Slovenian government: administrative data a public good

Published on: 06/12/2016

The data generated daily by the administration is a public good that should be treated with diligence, Boris Koprivnikar, the Slovenian Minister of Public Administration, told his audience at the 2016 Right to Know Day.

Last year, Slovenian legislation concerning public sector information has been amended to implement the revised PSI Directive. As a result, cultural institutions like libraries, museums and archives are now required to make their data available for re-use. To facilitate this process, last summer the Ministry of Public Administration published a 'Manual for Opening up Public Sector Information'. In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, an inventory of existing data and databases in the cultural sector is currently carried out, as an initial step in making this information available to the public.

Anton Peršak, the Minister of Culture, emphasised that digitalisation of content is leading to changes in society, as an increasing proportion of the population accesses information only digitally. He feels it is not up to government to determine what data should be made available; users should have the opportunity to choose the most relevant data for their purposes.