Spanish hospitals test open s…

Spanish hospitals test open source data portal


Spain's largest hospital chain, Quirón, will be piloting a portal based on the Openstack open source cloud computing solution, to provide patients with access to their radiology data. The pilot is one part of a three-year research project called Coco Cloud, which in 2013 received a 2.8 million euro grant from the European Commission's FP7 funding programme. Some of the requirements for the secure cloud-computing environment will be formulated by Italy's governmental ICT resource centre, the Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale (AGID).

The Quirón group announced the pilot in November last year. The pilot will allow patients to access their radiological information using the Internet, reducing the number of hospital visits, and providing alternative ways to inform patients about diagnosis and treatments. "It could be a useful tool in a complex multidisciplinary approach", Quirón said in a press release. The Spanish firm could not be reached for further details, despite repeated emails and phone calls.

The Coco Cloud project will implement Cloud OS from IT vendor HP, which is based on the open source Openstack cloud computing platform. The IT vendor adds proprietary delivery and management tools and will use the project to prototype additional components. "The business case scenario will be delivered on Openstack", a company spokesperson commented.


Quirón's goals are very similar to a project that is being developed by the University of Edinburgh together with the UK's renal clinics. In this project some 20,000 patients are using the Internet to access laboratory results, medicine information, correspondence and explanations of test results, diagnoses and treatment. The clinics use to PatientView a Java-solution running on Apache Tomcat and MySQL.

Unlike Quirón, Italy's AGID is not one of the consortium members in the Coco Cloud project. However, AGID announced its involvement in December last year. It explained that it will help the consortium take into account public administrations' conventions when piloting cloud solutions. "We will contribute to the definition of cloud computing requirements in the public sector." The consortium does include Italy's National Research Council.

Other academic organisations involved in the FP7 research project are the University of Oslo and the Imperial College London.


Up until this week Thursday, the template and content on the cloud project's website borrowed heavily from another FP7-funded project, MoveUS, relating to ICT solutions for smart cities. "We use the same template, but we have now updated the information", explained one of the IT consultants.


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