Tuscany: how to promote the e…

Tuscany: how to promote the economy of sharing and collaboration


In June, the region of Tuscany (Italy), in collaboration with Open Toscana and ANCI Toscana, launched a project, the goal of which is to “build a regional policy on the economy of sharing and collaboration”.

Called #CollaboraToscana, this initiative will promote a co-design and exchange process between several representatives of the region and a variety of stakeholders from different backgrounds: institutional bodies, private companies, start-ups and active members of civil society.

These stakeholders will meet in a series of workshops between June and November 2016, to discuss frameworks and rules to promote the sharing economy in Tuscany. Finally, this process will end with the presentation of a report on the economy of collaboration and sharing which will contain a map of regional policies and some proposals and actions to be deployed in this domain, the website states.

The event received the support of the international research project “Co-città e co-territori" (Co-city and co-territory) of the LUISS LabGov, directed by Professor Christian Ioione.

Five workshops are being organised:

  • June 29. Sharing thoughts on the economy of sharing and collaboration from a practical and theoretical point of view;
  • July 13. The main theme was the economy of sharing in the domain of infrastructure, (transport, energy, digital);
  • July 14. This workshop dealt with environmental and urban spaces;
  • September 14. The central theme will be the economy of sharing and collaboration in services, including personal services and hospitality;
  • September 23. The main theme will be governance and collaboration between public and private institutions.


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