Tyrol government shares test…

Tyrol government shares test tool with industry

Published on: 02/10/2014

An open source solution developed for the government of South Tyrol (Italy) to automatically test government websites and services is now also being used to probe sites of the region's tourism sector. The software will help avoid double bookings and lower the costs of building and maintaining tourism portals, the government expects.

The region's minister for Public Administration, Waltraud Deeg, called it a prime example of technology transfer. It shows how different sectors can reuse solutions and avoid having to reinvent the wheel. "Expanding to other sectors the merits of solutions developed for the government creates value", she is quoted as saying in a statement published by the government.

The government of the autonomous region in Northern Italy presented the reuse example at a press conference on Wednesday.

Property testing

The tool, titled TestingMachine.eu, automatically tests websites and e-government services of the regional administration. Sites are trialled for comparability across PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. TestingMachine uses scripts to try out services such as the filing of property tax-returns or submitting of requests for financial support for first-time house buyers.

Its use in the region's tourism sector follows the agreeing of operators of tourism portal on a digital standard to prevent double bookings and other 'inconveniences', explains Patrick Ohnewein, head of the open source lab at TIS Innovation park, a research centre in Bolzano that is leading the development of TestingMachine.eu. "The companies now need an instrument to test their improved booking portals and point out the errors", Ohnewein said.

Open standard

"Thanks to TestingMachine we are able examine the functionality of our many portal, track down potential malfunctions and so increase quality," confirms Christian Peer, president of the AlpinBits Alliance, an industry group that developed the eponymous data exchange interface standard.

In February of last year, South Tyrol's TestingMachine was presented at the Fosdem conference.


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