US federal source code reposi…

US federal source code repository about to be launched


The portal will be launched soon, Olivier Kamanda told his audience this week at one of MIT Media Lab's MLTalks, where he and several other participants in the US Presidential Innovation Fellows Program were presenting.

The portal is part of the new US Federal Source Code Policy published this summer by the President's Executive Office. This policy requires all US federal agencies to publish at least 20 percent of their newly-made custom software as open source.

A peer of OSOR

The portal will serve as a software repository, i.e. a catalogue of all software the US government is procuring or building, and as a central place from which to disseminate a collection of tools, best practices, and schemas to help government agencies implement the policy. That makes this initiative closely related to the objectives of the Open Source Observatory and Repository (OSOR) project of the European Commission, of which the publication of this news article is a part too.

The source code for the portal itself has been made available under a Creative Commons Zero licence, thereby donating the code to the public domain. The public is invited to contribute to its (further) development.

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