We want to hear your feedback – Sustainability Guidelines

Share your feedback on OSOR’s Guidelines for Sustainable OSS Communities in the Public Sector

Published on: 25/02/2021
Last update: 08/03/2021

In November 2020, OSOR published its Guidelines for Sustainable Open Source Communities in the Public Sector. The Guidelines offer practical tips for civil servants at all administrative levels, project managers, IT developers, and open source software (OSS) enthusiasts looking to engage with OSS or for anyone who is simply curious about what such an endeavour might entail.

While the open source community was consulted throughout the development of the Guidelines, we strongly believe that the Guidelines can further evolve and expand.

For this reason, we welcome your feedback on the Guidelines and would also love to hear about your experience with implementing them. Share the changes you would like to see made to the Guidelines, useful tools, and good practices that make your OSS community sustainable.

Feedback Guidelines

You can choose your preferable way to share your feedback. Follow the steps below, and choose the means most convenient for you:

  1. Download this version of the Guidelines, which contains numbered lines. This will allow you to easily indicate the part of the Guidelines you are sharing your thoughts on.
  2. Share your feedback in one of the following ways:
    1. Via an online collaborative file. You can either leave your name or keep it anonymous.
    2. Use the offline version by downloading this file. Please email it back to us at EU-OSOR@ec.europa.eu
    3. Share your general remarks by sending an email to EU-OSOR@ec.europa.eu.

You can provide your feedback until April 2021, after which we will begin revising the Guidelines.

Have any questions? Please contact us at EU-OSOR@ec.europa.eu.