‘Where is the nearest?’: Spai…

‘Where is the nearest?’: Spain shares code for web map-tool


The government of Spain is making available as open source the code for Ciudadania Europea, a web site that pointed citizens to the nearest embassies and consular services in European countries. That service was closed this summer, but the code is now freely available for other similar projects.

The software shows on a geographic map, provided by a well-know search engine, points or items taken from a directory or a database. It identifies the nearest item, and allows users to filter the results. With a bit of tweaking, the software can be used to display any segmented set of contact data. Possible alternative uses include maps showing the location of post offices, medical centres or places of interest.

The project was sponsored by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and the European Commission. When the funding ran out, the web site was discontinued. The software is used for a similar project, a web-based directory of Spain’s consular services. “By opening the code, we expect it to be usable by others”, writes Miguel Cornejo, an IT consultant involved in the project “and we hope that will help to enrich the project.”

The code is made available on Github.

Part of www.CiudadaniaEuropea.es can still be seen at the WayBackMachine.


More information:

CudadaniaEuropea-Liberado on Github
CudadaniaEuropea-Liberado on Joinup

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