Specific resources

This list is continuously updated. If you have more information about the organisations that should be on this list, please contact us at EU-OSOR@ec.europa.eu

The Specific Resources page gives access to a list of open source organisations (both public and private) and competence centres.

The Netherlands
North Macedonia
United Kingdom
Europe and worldwide


 aaa  AUSTRIA ​​​​​​


Open Source Software Business Innovation Group (OSSBIG)
Email: info@ossbig.at  
Web: https://www.ossbig.at/

OSSBIG is a community of high level IT managers representing leading Austrian companies from all industries and public authorities. It stimulates cooperation between private and public sector in the area of innovation and digitalisation and propagates the open source model in Austrian enterprises and public administration.



Open Source Experts
Web: https://www.oseg.at

The Open Source Experts advise and support you if you use open source software, GNU Linux and other free software in your company, or you plan to use it. You can choose from the product and service offers of experts and find out about the possible uses, special features and requirements of open source projects.


aaa  BELGIUM​​​​​​



iMio (La mutualisation informatique au service des pouvoirs locaux, IT pooling for local authorities)
Web: https://www.imio.be/ 
Email: contact@imio.be 

iMio is an IT sharing body offering services to local authorities. It was created in the wake of the Minister of Local Authorities’ desire to establish a unique structure to promote and coordinate the pooling of organisational solutions, IT products and IT services for the local authorities of Wallonia. One of its main activities is the production of OSS solutions to meet the needs of these local authorities. 



Abelli (L’association belge de promotion du logiciel libre, the Belgian association for the promotion of open source software)
Web: https://abelli-asbl.be/ 
Email: staff-associalibre@abelli-asbl.be 

Abelli is the Belgian association for the promotion of free software. Their objective is to inform the broader public about alternative software that respects digital privacy.



Web: https://fosdem.org/2020/ 
Email: info@fosdem.org 

FOSDEM is a non-profit organisation established in 2000 by Raphael Bauduin, a fan of the Linux movement in Belgium. Every year, the FOSDEM event is organised to bring together European developers of open source software.



CETIC: Centre of Excellence in Information and Communication Technologies
Web: https://www.cetic.be/ 
Email: info@cetic.be 

The Software and Services Technologies department provides its strong technological expertise to implement distributed, service-oriented and dynamic computing architectures. Through the use of semantic technologies and by exploiting the real business opportunities of open source software, this department helps accelerate the transformation of information into knowledge.


 aaa  BULGARIA​​​​​​



Open Source in the Country
Web: https://gov.obshtestvo.bg/administration
Email: info@obshtestvo.bg

Open Source in the Country is a group of volunteers composed of software experts, programmers, developers, designers and lawyers who work towards the implementation of eGovernment in Bulgaria. They work with several governmental agencies and ministries in helping them find the right software for the state which is publicly owned, open source and developed in a transparent and flexible way.


aaa  CROATIA​​​​​​



Code for Croatia
Web: https://codeforcroatia.org/

Code for Croatia  is an association which brings together developers, citizens, entrepreneurs and designers to build OSS for the public. Their goal is to design services to connect citizens and governments.



Croatian Society for Open Systems and Internet (HrOpen
Web: http://www.open.hr/
Email: https://webmail.open.hr/

The Croatian Society for Open Systems and Internet (HrOpen), founded in 1992, is an association which promotes and encourages the development of open computer systems and OSS in Croatia, including the use and development of OSS solutions by young people. Furthermore, the Society organises training sessions for primary and secondary school teachers looking to use open systems and OSS solutions within the classroom



HULK (Hrvatska udruga Linux korisnika, Croatian Linux Users' Group)
Web: http://www.linux.hr/
Email: http://www.linux.hr/modules/contact/ 

The Croatian Linux Users' Group is a non-profit association which promotes development and usage of GNU/Linux and other FLOSS in Croatia since 1996. The association is recognised as a central place for counselling, usage and popularisation of Linux operating system. 


 aaa  CYPRUS​​​​​​



Hellas Cyprus - Cypriot Free Software Community
Web: http://ellak.org.cy/
Email: social@ellak.org.cy

The Hellas Cyprus – Cypriot Free Software Community  is a group of volunteers that aim to promote free and open source software in Cyprus, they research this subject matter with other bodies and legal entities, and raise awareness of OSS in public and private sector bodies. In March 2020, the Community began campaigning for the implementation of a pilot training platform based on OSS solutions to meet the needs of Cypriot schools with regards to distance learning. 



KIOS Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence 
Web: https://www.kios.ucy.ac.cy/index.php
Email: kios@ucy.ac.cy

Established in 2008, the KIOS Research and Innovation Center of Excellence (KIOS CoE) operates within the University of Cyprus as a funding recipient of the EU Horizon 2020 Programme.  KIOS CoE is the largest research and innovation centre in Cyprus addressing ICT and the extent of its governmental collaboration is wide. A key aspect of their work involves promoting a comprehensive framework for open knowledge to support open data and open access. KIOS CoE has participated in several projects and events supporting the use of open source software in the public sector since its inception. 



aaa  CZECHIA​​​​​​



Web: https://www.europen.cz/
Email: europen@europen.cz

Czech company users of open systems EurOpen.CZ is a non-profit organization, whose aim is to acquaint the professional public with open systems and promote their use.



Web: https://www.spolek-bison.cz/
Email: info@spolek-bison.cz

Bison is a non-governmental organisation focused on increasing the efficiency of public sector bodies.



Web: https://cesko.digital/

Česko Digital is a community of IT professionals - developers, graphic designers, producers - who want to help the state and non-governmental organizstions on a pro-bono basis to simplify the process of digitisation in the public sector in Czechia, both for citizens and public administrations. 



Czech Centre for Science and Society (CCSS)
Web: http://www.ccss.cz/en/zkusebni-stranka/profil-ccss/
Email: ccss@ccss.cz

The Czech Centre for Science and Society (CCSS)  is an independent, non-profit association that cooperates with organisations and individuals in Czechia and abroad. Their work focuses on the implementation of new communication and information technologies which have the potential to aid environmental protection efforts, risk management, agriculture, and rural sustainable development. They raise awareness about OSS solutions that have been financed by European Union initiatives and emphasise the importance of open data and OSS.



Czech Open Society Foundation
Web: https://osf.cz/en/
Email: osf@osf.cz

The Czech Open Society Foundation  advocates for improvements to services in public administrations by means of digitisation, innovation, and OSS solutions. They provide grants to organisations or people working to enhance the transparency and efficacy of public administrations, meet with proactive citizens with an interest in OSS solutions for eGovernment services, organise events, and generally work to promote digital participation across Czechia. 



Open Cities (Otevřená města)
Web: https://www.otevrenamesta.cz/
Email: info@otevrenamesta.cz

Otevrena mesta  is an association of 17 municipalities which cooperate on open source solutions in order to save municipal resources and tackle common problems that municipalities face. Otevrena mesta has many special priorities, including open data, online citizen participation, disclosure of contracts and good practices, open source solutions, and cooperation in digitisation across the public sector. 



Open Source Alliance
Web: https://www.osaliance.cz/en/
Email: info@osaliance.cz

The Open Source Alliance  is a non-profit association and OSS competence centre in Czechia.  Its goal is to support the use of OSS solutions in public administrations  while cooperating with similar projects and organisations in the European Union.  The Alliance is developing a repository of OSS to help public administrations that are interested in making the switch from proprietary software to OSS solutions. In addition to information, the repository will provide links to open source consultancies and outline methodological guidelines for administrations seeking to conduct quality assessments of various OSS solutions.  


 aa  DENMARK​​​​​​



Web: https://os2.eu/
Email: os2@os2.eu

The OS2 community  has the mission to increase the use of open source software in Denmark’s public administration. In their own words, OS2 is a ‘Danish public community that specify, develop and govern digital solutions by municipalities and for municipalities’. More specifically, OS2 is a network of Danish public organisations and private suppliers who collaborate on the creation of innovative digital solutions. The community focuses on the use of IP ownership and open source licences so as to prevent vendor lock-in and to reduce costs. 


 aa  ESTONIA​​​​​​



Web: http://alvatal.ee/ 
Email: info@alvatal.ee

Alvatal  is a free and OSS association which unites Estonian companies, non-profit associations, and volunteers with the aim of ensuring transparency in software and hardware solutions. Several government bodies have partnered with Alvatal to support their activities. Alvatal is active in the educational sector and has implemented various pilots on cloud computing, desktop migration, and the use of different OSS solutions.



aaa  FINLAND​​​​​​



Web: http://avoinkoodi.fi/
Email: avoinkoodi@coss.fi

Avoinkoodi is a national repository  listing  domestic government, municipal, and education software whose source code is publicly available. The purpose of the site is to facilitate the discovery of information and the mapping of existing solutions, not to provide a comprehensive service platform or instructions for launching projects.



Finnish Association of Local Authorities (Kuntaliitto) 
Web: https://www.kuntaliitto.fi/
Email: info@kuntaliitto.fi

A strong advocate for all Finnish municipalities, the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities promotes local self-government and the modernisation of municipal services. The Association’s core tasks are to advance the interests and development of municipalities and their partner organisations and to provide services for them. The Association brings the voice of municipalities and the entire local government sector to social debate and decision-making. 



Finnish UNIX Users Group (FUUG)
Web: https://fuug.fi/
Email: fuug@fuug.fi

The Finnish Unix Users' Association FUUG was founded in 1984. Its purpose is to promote general knowledge of UNIX and open systems in Finland and to act as a link between users and equipment suppliers. FUUG cooperates with other domestic and foreign Unix user associations. There are currently about 50 members in the association.



Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions (COSS)*
Web: https://coss.fi/

The Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions (COSS) is a non-profit association that promotes open source, open data, open standards and APIs. The objective of COSS is to strengthen the competitiveness of Finland's software intensive industries, promote the growth and internationalization of open source businesses and reinforce the development of the Finnish information society with the support of open technologies and communities.



Finnish Linux User Group - FLUG
Web: http://www.flug.fi/
Email: arto.alanen@flug.fi

The Finnish Linux User Group (FLUG) is an association of Finnish Linux users, the purpose of which is to promote activities related to Linux and to support Finnish Linux users and those interested in Linux. The association operates on a voluntary basis.


 aaa  FRANCE​​​​​​



Web: https://adullact.org/
Email: contact@adullact.org

Founded in 2002, ADULLACT aims to support and coordinate the action of local authorities and communities in order to promote, develop and maintain a culture of free software for the provision of public services.



April - Promoting and protecting Free Software
Web: https://www.april.org/
Email: contact@april.org

Founded in 1996, April is the main French advocacy association devoted to promote and protect Free/Libre Software. 


Web: http://www.chtinux.org/
Email: bonjour@chtinux.org

Chtinux is the user group of FLOSS of Lille. The association aims at promoting FLOSS by providing support to the public. The association also takes part in discussions regarding ICT in the city.

fab mobilites


La Fabrique des Mobilités
Web: http://lafabriquedesmobilites.fr/ 
Email: http://lafabriquedesmobilites.fr/contact/ 

The role of La Fabrique des Mobilités is to bring together all the voluntary players of the mobility sector, to source mobility projects, to capitalise on feedback in order to create a common culture of innovation in action and to help the sector evolve towards more responsible and sustainable mobility through the creation and sharing of commons. Its DNA is based on the strength of Open Source, on the creation of communities and on the animation of ecosystems of actors.


Web: https://cnll.fr/ 
Email: contact@cnll.fr 

CNLL (France's Free Software and Open Digital Enterprise Union) is a trade association representing about 200 "pure players" companies (specialised or with a significant activity in free software): open source software vendors, systems integrators, consulting companies, etc. CNLL's main missions are to represent the OSS professional ecosystem to public authorities and existing national and international organisations, to ensure greater visibility of the entire ecosystem - its software and service offer, its specific assets and its needs, particularly in terms of employment and training; to enable the players in the sector to recognise themselves within it, to exchange and work together to develop the market, while respecting common values.


 aaa  GERMANY​​​​​​



Institut für Rechtsfragen der Freien und Open Source Software (ifrOSS)
Web: https://www.ifross.org/
Email: mail@ifross.de

The ifrOSS is a German organisation that provides legal services for open source software. 



Open Source Business Alliance e.V. (OSB Alliance)
Web: https://osb-alliance.de/
Email: info@osb-alliance.com

The OSB Alliance promotes the central importance of open source software and open standards for a digitally sovereign society. They advocate establishing open source as a standard in public procurement, in research and business development.


The German Unix User Group (GUUG)
Web: https://guug.de/
Email: sage@guug.de

The German Unix User Group, founded in 1984, is a non-profit organisation for professional system and network administrators, security experts and system programmers who prefer to use a Unix operating system. Unix includes free systems like Linux, BSD and OpenSolaris variants as well as commercial Unix systems. 


Center for the Cultivation of Technology
Web: https://techcultivation.org/ 
Email: contact@techcultivation.org 

The Center for the Cultivation of Technology (CCT) is a non-profit organisation that provides a supportive and nurturing environment for free and open source projects. They take care of organisational matters, including grant and donation management, contracts, employment, visa, office and legal setup, organisational structuring, fundraising, progress reporting and tax filings. 



Open Source for Equality
Web: https://www.oseq.org/ 

Open Source for Equality is a global initiative to promote the development and use of free and open source software that bridges the digital gender gap. It is the result of six years of work with the NGO URIDU, during which Digital Public Goods like Audiopedia (www.audiopedia.org) and open source solutions we developed that are used by local organisations to provide vital knowledge and practical information to marginalised, often illiterate populations.



 aaa  GREECE​​​​​​



Greek Association of Free Software / Open Source Users (GreekLUG)
Web: https://www.greeklug.gr/
Email: info@greeklug.gr 

The Greek Association of Free Software / Open Source Users (short name: GreekLUG) is an NGO working to promote the use of free and open source software. Their goals include the promotion of GNU / Linux and FOSS in society and in the private and public sectors, the mobilisation of existing supporters of FOSS, the spread of technological knowledge through courses, seminars and various activities.



Hellenic Linux Users Group (Hellug)
Web: https://www.linux.gr/
Email: melos@hellug.gr

HELLUG is a an organisation that provides a Greek distribution of the Debina GNU / LINUX operating system.


Open Technologies Alliance (GFOSS)
Web: https://gfoss.eu/
Email: info@eellak.gr

Open Technologies Alliance (GFOSS)  is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 with the main goal of promoting openness through the use and the development of open standards and open technologies in education, public administration and business in Greece.


Open Technology Organisation (EELLAK)
Web: https://ellak.gr/
Email: https://ellak.gr/pite-mas-ti-gnomi-sas/

The Open Technology Organization (EELLAK) was founded in 2008, and today has 31 universities, research centers and non-profit organisations among its members. The organisation's main objective is to contribute to openness, particularly in the development of open standards, free software and open data. 


  aaa  HUNGARY​​​​​​



National Information and Communication Services (NISZ)
Web: https://nisz.hu/en/about_us
Email: info@nisz.hu

The National Infocommunications Service Company Ltd. (NISZ) is the leading ICT provider in the public sector in Hungary.


   aaa  ICELAND​​​​​​



The Citizens Foundation
Web: https://www.citizens.is/
Email: citizens@citizens.is

The nonprofit Citizens Foundation was founded in 2008 in Iceland and now has offices in Iceland, the United States, the UK & the Netherlands. Its mission is to connect governments and citizens by creating open state-of-the-art engagement platforms and offering consultation on how to best plan and execute successful citizen engagement projects, while promoting the use of open source solutions.


   aaa  IRELAND​​​​​​




Irish Free Software Organisation (IFSO)
Web: http://www.ifso.ie/
Email: committee@ifso.ie

The Irish Free Software Organisation is a member organisation based in the Republic of Ireland which works to promote the use of free software in Ireland, and oppose legal or political developments which would interfere with the use or development of Free Software.


   aaa  ITALY​​​​​​



(LUGBZ) Linux User Group Bolzano-Bozen-Bulsan
Web: https://www.lugbz.org/
Email: info@lugbz.org

LUGBZ was founded in 2001 as a non-profit making association. Its goal is to disseminate and publicize the GNU / Linux operating system and free and open source software in general. The association's activities are mainly at the local level, where they organise events and lobby in favour of free software.



Association for Free Software
Web: https://www.softwarelibero.it/
Email: info@softwarelibero.it

The Association for Free Software is a non-profit legal entity established in 2000. Its aim is to spread open source software in Italy and provide correct information about this sector. 



Competency Centre for Reuse and Open Source (CCROS)
Web: https://www.agid.gov.it/it/design-servizi/riuso-open-source/centro-competenza-riuso-open-source
Email: ccros@pcert.agid.gov.it

CCROS provides skills and tools to support the processes of purchase, development and reuse of IT solutions in public administrations, in line with the Guidelines on the acquisition and reuse of software for public administrations.



Developers Italia
Web: https://developers.italia.it/en/
Email: contatti@developers.italia.it

Developers Italia is a community of developers who design and code Italian digital public services.



Italian Linux Society
Web: http://www.linux.it/
Email: webmaster@linux.it

ILS (Italian Linux Society) is a non-profit organization established in 1994 to promote and support the spread of GNU / Linux and Free Software in Italy. Its aim is to develop an IT culture in the country. 



Web: https://www.libreitalia.org/
Email: info@libreitalia.org

LibreItalia is a voluntary association to promote LibreOffice as a free tool for individual and corporate productivity. LibreItalia's goal is to spread LibreOffice and digital culture in all areas, from school to civil society, from public administration to companies, with a particular focus on standard and open document formats.



PDP Free Software User Group
Web: https://pdp.linux.it/chi-siamo/
Email: info@pdp.linux.it

The PDP Free Software User Group is focussed on the the diffusion of knowledge and culture related to open source software and everything related to its adoption and use.


   aaa  LATVIA​​​​​​



Latvian Open Technology Association (LATA)
Web: https://www.lata.org.lv/?lang=en
Email: lata@lata.org.lv

Latvian Open Technology Association (LATA) unites organisations and individuals, including information technology providers and users who consider that support the broader use of open source solutions in Latvia. 



Linux Centre of the University of Latvia
Web: http://linuxcentrs.lv/
Email: info@linux.edu.lv

Linux Centre is a laboratory of the Department of Programming, Faculty of Computer Science, University of Latvia, which unites teaching staff and Latvian open source enthusiasts. The mission of the center is to promote open source technologies as convenient and affordable solutions.


   aaa  LIECHTENSTEIN​​​​​​



æternity Foundation
Web: https://www.aeternity-foundation.org/#mission
Email: hello@aeternity-foundation.org

The æternity crypto foundation is a nonprofit organisation established in the Principality of Liechtenstein. The foundation supports open source development of the aeternity protocol and its surrounding ecosystems. With focus on blockchain technology, the organisation is committed to promoting technical excellence and user-friendly applications.



The Things Network - Liechtenstein
Web: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/community/liechtenstein/
Email: ask_us_anything@thethingsnetwork.org

The open source community is building an open and decentralised Internet of Things network in Liechtenstein.


   aaa  LUXEMBOURG​​​​​​



GNU/Linux User Group Luxembourg (LiLux)
Web: http://www.lilux.lu/home.html
Email: contact@lilux.lu

Lilux ASBL is an non-profit organisation promoting the usage of the GNU/Linux system as well as other free and open source software.


   aaa  MALTA​​​​​​




Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA)
Web: https://www.mita.gov.mt/en/Pages/MITAHome.aspx
Email: callcentre.mita@gov.mt​

The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) is the central driver of Government’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) policy, programmes and initiatives in Malta



Malta Linux User Group
Web: https://spelling.mt/mlug.html

The Malta Linux User Group is a non-profit organisation promoting the use of Linux and Open Source software in Malta. It is at the origin of the Maltese online spellchecker project. 



Open Source Society Malta (OSSMalta)
Web: https://ossmalta.eu/
Email: info@ossmalta.eu

OSSMALTA – Open Source Society Malta is an open source community, which implements open source projects developed and designed by in-house and community developers in and around the Maltese islands.


    aaa  THE NETHERLANDS​​​​​​




Code for NL
Web: https://www.codefor.nl/
Email: https://www.codefor.nl/#organisatie

Code for NL is the Dutch community of developers and designers who work together on an open, fair and inclusive digital government and society. The association aims to foster the successful digital transformation of municipalities, other governments and society as a whole. Code for NL is a governing partner of the international Code for All network.



Web: https://www.delta10.nl/en/
Email: info@delta10.nl

Delta10 is company gathering a multidisciplinary team of developers, designers and jurists with broad experience within public bodies. Delta10 works together with public administrations on improvements of their ICT by developing open source solutions, on a project basis. They aim to develop software that can be effectively reused by other public bodies.



Dutch UNIX Users' Society (NLUUG)
Web: https://www.nluug.nl/index.html
Email: info@nluug.nl

The NLUUG is the association of professional UNIX users in the Netherlands. Since the late seventies, the NLUUG has brought together the community of UNIX systems administrators, programmers, researchers and IP network professionals. The primary goal of the NLUUG is to extend the application of, and knowledge about, UNIX and related open systems. NLUUG's activities are directed towards the exchange of information, the promotion of its members' interests, and the support of open systems, networks and user interfaces. Twice a year the NLUUG organizes a national conference. Besides tutorials, technical and product-oriented talks and presentations, these conferences offer an excellent opportunity to meet other Unix users, suppliers and researchers.



Forus Foundation
Web: https://www.forus.io/nu
Email: info@forus.io

Forus is a foundation which develops digital solutions to help tackle public domain issues efficiently, lawfully and efficiently. The developed code is public and accessible to everyone.



ICTU Foundation
Web: http://www.ictu.nl/
Email: info@ictu.nl

ICTU helps governments to improve their services with ICT, in the service of public administration.  In the open source ecosystem, ICTU wants to help governments innovate intergovernmentally, as one government, with a learn-do-share environment and a network of collective intelligence



Standardisation Forum
Web: https://www.forumstandaardisatie.nl/
Email: https://www.forumstandaardisatie.nl/form/contact

Standardisation Forum is an advisory committee with experts from various government organisations, businesses and science. The members are appointed by the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.



Web: https://www.surf.nl/en
Email: info@surf.nl

SURF is the collaborative organisation for ICT in Dutch education and research.



Waag technology and society
Web: https://waag.org/en/home
Email: https://waag.org/en/contact

Waag is a middle-ground organisation composed of research groups that work with both grassroots initiatives and institutional partners across Europe. Working with emergent technologies including open source software, Waag conducts research in both imaginative and practical terms, addressing its fellow citizens from a position of equality and collaboration.


  north macedonia  NORTH MACEDONIA

free software


Free Software Macedonia
Web: https://slobodensoftver.org.mk/about_free_software_macedonia
Email: info@slobodensoftver.org.mk

Free Software Macedonia (Слободен софтвер Македонија, Sloboden softver Makedonija) is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to the promotion of free software in order to create awareness and contextualise its use from an economic and socio-ethical perspective. 



Metamorphosis Foundation
Web: https://metamorphosis.org.mk/en/
Email: sekretariat@nuug.no

The Metamorphosis Foundation (Метаморфозис) strengthens the awareness and capacity of citizens and civil society and encourages them to actively use innovative tools to exercise their civil rights and liabilities. 


     aaa  NORWAY​​​​​​



Norwegian Unix User Group
Web: http://www.nuug.no/
Email: sekretariat@nuug.no

NUUG is a non-commercial association for companies and individuals working for the dissemination of UNIX-like systems, free software and open standards in Norway.


      aaa  POLAND​​​​​​




Internet Society Poland Chapter
Web: https://www.internetsocietypoland.org/
Email: zarzad@internetsocietypoland.org

The Polish chapter of the Internet Society was founded in 2020. The Internet Society is an organisation that develops the Internet - developing technical standards, improving accessibility, education, and working with political decision-makers. One of the main principles of the Internet Society is to promote internet governance in an open, transparent and consensual manner.



Poland Linux Users Group (PLUG)
Web: http://www.linux.org.pl/
Email: sekretarz@linux.org.pl

The Polish Linux Users Group is an association which aims to popularize GNU / Linux in both academic and commercial environments. It is also intended to facilitate contacts between those interested in this operating system by organizing meetings, demonstrations, seminars and trainings, as well as - in the future - testing and validation of equipment as compatible with GNU / Linux.



      aaa  PORTUGAL​​​​​​




Association for Free Teaching
Web: http://ensinolivre.pt/
Email: http://ensinolivre.pt/?page_id=245

The Association for Free Teaching (Associação Ensino Livre)  aims to promote the use of free software in the Portuguese education system. To this end, the association organises trainings and other activities to keep the public informed about OSS.



Association of Portuguese Open Source Software Companies (ESOP)
Web: https://www.esop.pt/
Email: info@esop.pt

The Association of Portuguese Open Source Software Companies (ESOP) is a business association that represents Portuguese companies dedicated to the development of software and the provision of services based on open source technologies.



National Association for Open Software (ANSOL)
Web: https://ansol.org/
Email: contacto@ansol.org

The National Association for Open Software (ANSOL) is a non-profit association whose purpose is the dissemination, promotion, development, research, and study of OSS.



      aaa  ROMANIA​​​​​​




CivicTech Romania
Web: https://civictech.ro/#who
Email: office@civictech.ro

CivicTech Romania , founded by former members of GovITHub , brings together public sector, OSS and IT enthusiasts to develop solutions to help make Romania more digitised and connected.



Code 4 Romania (Code4Ro)
Web: https://code4.ro/ro/
Email: contact@code4.ro

Code 4 Romania (Code4Ro) is a community of young professionals who develop OSS IT solutions to address Romania’s key societal challenges. They work in four key areas: information and access to public data, education and promotion of culture, involvement and civic collaboration, and facilitating access to public services. The community’s GitHub page has over 20,000 community revisions.



Romanian Open Source and Free Software Initiative (ROSI)
Web: http://rosi.ro/
Email: lucian.savluc@eliberatica.ro

The Romanian Open Source and Free Software Initiative (ROSI) is a member-driven community with the objectives of developing and sustaining a healthy OSS community and fostering digital civil society. One of its key objectives is the promotion of OSS within the Romanian government.



Web: http://www.rosedu.org/en/

ROSEdu is a community of OSS enthusiasts whose goal is to spread the use of OSS by means of education. The community works with young pupils to train them in the use of OSS tools. Most ROSEdu members are current students or graduates of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. 



      aaa  SLOVAKIA​​​​​​




Web: https://slovensko.digital/
Email: kontakt@slovensko.digital

Slovensko.Digital  is a civic association promoting transparency and efficiency in the use of public resources as well as the digitalisation of public administration. The association promotes and develops OSS solutions in cooperation with the Slovak public administration.




Society for Open Information Technologies (Spoločnosť pre otvorené informačné technológie, SOIT)
Web: http://www.soit.sk/sk/organizacia/info-in-english
Email: vybor@soit.sk

The Society for Open Information Technologies (SSOIT)  is a non-profit civic association of open source enthusiasts which advocates for the use of open information technologies in diverse areas of Slovak society. The association organises events for the promotion of OSS solutions, such as the Open Source Weekend and many panel debates.



SPy - Slovak Python User Group
Web: https://2019.pycon.sk/en/index.html
Email: info@pycon.sk

SPy ("Slovak Python User Group")  is a civic association which aims to support developers and users of the Python programming language. The association also promotes Python and other open source technologies in Slovak society



      aaa  SLOVENIA​​​​​​




Linux User Group Of Slovenia (LUGOS)
Web: http://www.lugos.si/
Email: http://www.lugos.si/contact-info

The purpose of the Lugos Association is to unite all Slovenian users of the free Linux operating system and to spread and promote Linux among other computer users. 



Slovenia's Open Source Centre (Centre Odprte Kode Slovenije)
Web: https://www.coks.si/index.php5/Glavna_stran
Email: podpora@coks.si

Slovenia’s Open Source Centre (COKS) is a national centre that supports the development, use, and knowledge of open source technologies and OSS solutions in both the public and private sectors. 



      aaa  SPAIN​​​​​​




Forxa Mancomun
Web: https://forxa.mancomun.org/
Email: https://www.mancomun.gal/contacto/

Collaborative space designed to facilitate the creation, maintenance and distribution of projects, both software creation and documentation. A Forxa allows to have a public and open service for the development of Free Software in Galicia, as well as its documentation in Galician.



Web: https://www.red.es/redes/es/que-hacemos/fuentes-abiertas-y-soluciones-reutilizables
Email: suggestions@red.es

Red.es advises Spanish Public Administrations on issues related to open sources and reusable solutions.


Repositorio de la Junta de Andalucía (Repository of the Regional Government of Andalucía)
Web: https://www.juntadeandalucia.es/repositorio/infoRepositorio.jsf?linkDummyForm:_idcl=_id37&select_locale=es&

This project was created to comply with the regional legislative decree of 2005 establishing the possibility for the general public to freely access open source software used by the regional public administration and other autonomous agencies.



Technology Transfer Center (CTT – Centro de Transferencia de Tecnología)
Web: https://administracionelectronica.gob.es/ctt/ctt#.XwWPNygzY2w

Portal for the dissemination and reuse of technical solutions (services, developments, infrastructures, regulations, semantic assets, etc.) of interest for the development of electronic administration. It constitutes a knowledge base of technical information in the area.



      aaa  SWEDEN​​​​​



Web: https://sambruk.se/om-sambruk/
Email: bransch@sinf.se 

The purpose of the Sambruk association is to promote collaboration and efficiency in the digitalisation process of multiple stakeholders. Its core services include the support in the delivery of eGovernment services by Swedish municipalities. One of the main principles on which the association is based is openness, to share competences, experiences and resources including open source software.



Swedish Agency for Public Management
Web: http://www.statskontoret.se/InEnglish
Email: registrator@statskontoret.se

The Swedish Agency for Public Management (Statskontoret)  conducts studies and evaluations at the request of the Government. It aims to modernise public administration using IT and studies the potential use of free and OSS solutions.

Clear Byte

Clear Byte
Web: www.clearbyte.org 
Email: info@clearbyte.org

Clear Byte is a research and development NGO whose core principles are based on collaboration, participation and openness to ensure social inclusive digital transformation and development. In partnership with the public sector, we facilitate maintaining relations with the open source ecosystem to reciprocate value creation and guiding participation in open innovation processes.



       aaa  SWITZERLAND​​​​​




CH Open
Web: https://www.ch-open.ch/en/
Email: info@ch-open.ch

Swiss association for the promotion of open source software and open standards.

Swiss ICT


Open Source Specialist Group (SwissICT Fachsgruppe)
Web: https://www.swissict.ch/professional-group/open-source/ 
Email: info@swissict.ch 

The Open Source Specialist Group (SwissICT Fachsgruppe) is based on a collaboration between SwissICT and CH Open. The group’s main aim is to strengthen technical competence in the field of OSS and bring attention to the topic. 

OSS Directory


OSS Directory
Web: https://www.ossdirectory.com/ 
Email: matthias.stuermer@ch-open.ch

The OSS Directory is a database of companies, products, references, and events among others. It is operated as part of the CH Open portal.



Web: https://www.linux-gull.ch/ 
Email: info@linux-gull.ch

Gull is a non-profit association focused on the French-speaking communities in Switzerland. Its aim is to promote open source computing in civil society. 


      aaa  TURKEY



Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK) 
Web: https://www.tubitak.gov.tr/en

The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK) is the governmental agency in charge of the management, funding, and conduct of scientific and technological research in Turkey.



Web: https://www.turksat.com.tr/en
Email: info@turksat.com.tr

Türksat is a state-owned company that develops and operates a vast array of mission-critical software projects and IT infrastructure for the government. 



Turkey Open Source Platform
Web: https://www.turkiyeacikkaynakplatformu.com/

Turkey Open Source Platform is a civil initiative that brings all actors together with a precompetitive cooperation model for the development of an OSS ecosystem in Turkey.






Open Source Specialist Group
Web: https://ossg.bcs.org/

The British Computer Society, Open Source Specialist Group  (BCS), aims to inform the wider audience about OSS and its implications. It also acts as a centre of expertise on OSS use. 



Web: https://openuk.uk/
Email: amanda.brock@openuk.uk  

Not for profit organisation committed to develop and sustain UK leadership in Open Technology, being open source software, open source hardware and open data.







Open Forum Europe
Web: http://www.openforumeurope.org/
Email: info@openforumeurope.org

OpenForum Europe is a new initiative, whose objective is to accelerate and broaden the market take-up of Open Source Software (OSS) including Linux. Major vendors and distributors, software houses, services and integration companies, as well as major users,  are all supporting the project. OpenForum Europe aims to strengthen the perception and credibility of the Open Source offering, particularly within government and commercial organisations.

Foundation for Public Code


Foundation for Public Code
Web: https://publiccode.net/
Email: info@publiccode.net

The Foundation for Public Code helps open source projects for public organisations to become successful, build sustainable communities around them and create a thriving public open source ecosystem.


Web: https://kde.org/

KDE is a powerful graphical desktop environment for Linux workstations. It combines ease of use, contemporary functionality, and outstanding graphical design with the technological superiority of the Unix operating system



Web: https://www.debian.org/
Email: debian-devel@lists.debian.org

The Debian Project is an organization of free software developers who volunteer their time and effort in order to produce a completely free operating system known as Debian GNU/Linux.



Web: https://www.ow2.org/
Email: https://www.ow2.org/view/About/Contacts

OW2 is a global open-source software community whose goal is the development of open-source distributed middleware, in the form of flexible and adaptable components. These components range from specific software frameworks and protocols to integrated platforms. OW2 developments follow a component-based approach.



Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure
Web: https://ffii.org/

The Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure is an open coalition of commercial companies and non-profit associations united to promote and protect a vigorous European Software Culture based on Open Standards, Open Competition, Linux and Open Source Software. Companies, members or supporters of EuroLinux develop or sell the software under free, semi-free and non-free licenses for operating systems such as Linux, MacOS or Windows.



Free Software Foundation Europe
Web: https://fsfe.org/index.fr.html
Email: contact@fsfe.org

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSF Europe) was founded in 2001 as the sister organization of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) in the USA to take care of all aspects of Free Software in Europe.



Web: https://www.apell.info/ 
Email: https://www.apell.info/ 

APELL (Association Professionnelle Européenne du Logiciel Libre) is Europe’s Open Source Business Association. It was founded in 2020 to bring national Open Source Software organisations together into a European network, in order to provide them with peer support and collective marketing, as well as capacity building and policy support for public affairs, both nationally and on the EU-level.