About OSLO - Open Standards for Linked Administrations in Flanders

This page describes version 1.1 of the Open Standards for Linked Administrations in Flanders (OSLO) specification.

The OSLO Vocabulary is a simplified, reusable and extensible data model that captures the fundamental characteristics of information exchanged by public administration in the domains: contact information, localisation and public services.
  The standards of the Flemish OSLO project are local extensions of the core PersonBusinessLocation, and Public Service vocabularies created at European level in the context of the ISA Programme (Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations) of the European Union. These four core vocabularies are simplified, reusable, and extensible specifications for information exchange. 


  E-Government OSLO Vocabularies are the starting point for developing interoperable e-Government systems as it allows mappings with existing data models. This guarantees Public Administrations to attain cross-border and cross-sector interoperability.  

OSLO Vocabulary Working Group

  The specification is developed by a multi disciplinary Working Group, with a total of 58 people from 28 organisations and representatives of the ISA programme.  

The OSLO specification is the result of a public-private partnership initiated by V-ICT-OR, the Flemish Organization for ICT in Local Government, and funded by Flemish ICT service providers (e.g. BCT, CEVIRemmicom and Schaubroeck) and public administrations (e.g. CORVE, Digipolis). 


Invited Experts with a particular expertise includes public administrations (AGIV, AMCFedict) and academic partners (Multimedia Lab - iMinds-uGentHoGent).

To express your interest in participating in the public-private partnership email: raf [dot] buyle [at] v-ict-or [dot] be. 

Cause and context

For more information on the cause and context of OSLO

OSLO Service Directive


For more information on the Serice Directive: http://purl.org/oslo/services_specification (Dutch)



  • From October 2012 till April 2013 version 0.9 was developed.
  • On 30 May 2013 version 1.00 of the combined specification of OSLO Vocabulary was released.
  • On 26 May 2014 version 1.10 of the combined specification of OSLO Vocabulary was released.
  • On 27 May 2014, OSLO 1.10 was launched on the Estates General Open Standards.​


The following files contain the combined model of Contact Information, Localisation and Public Services.



Owner/Contact Information

Local Authority




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