Allowance Charge in UBL

Published on: 28/05/2018

Good morning,

I am not sure if this is the right avenue to ask this sort of enquiries. Hope you are able to assist me.

It is regarding the usage of the below PEPPOL invoice tag.




  1. Is the AllowanceCharge amount taxable? If yes, is this the reason why under this tag that have TaxTotal and TaxCategory tag?
  2. Is it possible that the AllowanceCharge amount is taxable but not the InvoiceLine Amount?
  3. We receive some sample PEPPOL Invoices, whereby one of the InvoiceLine has no Invoice/InvoiceLine/TaxTotal tag, but does have Invoice/InvoiceLine/AllowanceCharge/TaxCategory/Percent tag which the value of 0 .  There is no Invoice/InvoiceLine/AllowanceCharge/TaxCategory/TaxTotal as well). In this scenario
    1. Does it mean the InvoiceLine has VAT but the percentage is 0%?


Kindly assist


Mon, 28/05/2018 - 07:57

Well, this is not the best place to ask.

For questions on the PEPPOL BBilling BIS v3, I suggest you go to and create the issue there.

For general PEPPOL questions, please use the new help desk from

Concerning your questions, here are some answers:

ad 1.) Yes, every Allowance and Charge on line level extends the LineExtensionAmount and includes the same VAT as the rest of the line

ad 2.) There is a "/Invoice/AllowanceCharge" for Allowance and Charge on global level. See e.g.… for an example. That requires an explicit VAT rate/category. You can validate documents according to PEPPOL rules at

ad 3.) What BIS are they using? BIS 4A v2? Please send the customization ID.

hth, Philip

Mon, 28/05/2018 - 08:25

Hey.. thanks for the reply, 

Yes we are receiving BIS4A v2. Here is a sample of the file.. 


Physical File


The reason for this enquiry is because,  for the  invoice/Taxtotal/ TaxSubtotal  of 0 percent, the taxable amounts seems to be the cummulative of both VAT 0% and No VAT taxable amounts in the invoice line.. 

In the physical file:  Page 16, Last invoice line 999869, is a No VAT, which correspond to line 78 in the PEPPOL file.
In the physical file:  Page 17, First invoice line 239120, is a VAT 0%, which correspond to line 79 in the PEPPOL file

Is the PEPPOL file invalid? or the conversion of the physical file to PEPPOL is not correct? or 
Invoice/InvoiceLine/AllowanceCharge/TaxCategory/Percent tag which the value of determines the invoiceline VAT %

Hope this is not confusing..

Thank you in advance