EU: PEPPOL Project deliverable - BUSDOX specifications v1.0

Published on: 23/12/2009
Last update: 02/02/2010

Description (short summary):  
This deliverable consists of the version 1.0 of the Business Document Exchange Network (BUSDOX) specifications (aka the PEPPOL specifications), a set of documents that were released after a public review period.

They include: 

  • CommonDefinitions: This document contains the definitions and terms that are common between the Business Document Exchange Network (BUSDOX) service metadata and transport specifications.
  • Service Metadata Publishing: This document describes the REST (Representational State Transfer) interface for Service Metadata Publication within BUSDOX.
  • Service Metadata Locator Profile: This document defines the profiles for the discovery and management interfaces for the BUSDOX Service Metadata Locator service.
  • Secure Trusted Asynchronous Reliable Transport (START): This document describes the SOAP-based profile that is used by BUSDOX Access Points to communicate and the SAML 2.0 assertions that are used in that communication.
  • Lightweight Message Exchange Profile (LIME): The Lightweight Message Exchange Profile (LIME) provides a simple low-cost approach for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to access Business Document Exchange Network (BUSDOX) infrastructure.
  • PEPPOL Identifier Schemes - This document defines a set of identifier schemes that will be used in the context of the PEPPOL infrastructure.

Number of pages: 142

Nature of documentation: Technical report


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