EU: PEPPOL project deliverable - Test Guidelines

Published on: 18/11/2009
Last update: 01/02/2010

Description (short summary):  
The PEPPOL Deliverable 5.1a is aimed at supporting test activities in the PEPPOL work packages. The document introduces a structured method towards testing of the conformance of implementations of CEN ISSS WS/BII profiles and their specifications.

This document presents a high level Test Guideline for conformance testing of implementations of CEN ISSS WS/BII profiles. The purpose is to outline, define and further elaborate a test process in the form of test guidelines to be used by an interoperability project using CEN ISSS WS/BII profiles, e.g. the PEPPOL project. The document outlines and suggests generic content in the form of those activities, deliverables and roles necessary in order to facilitate test and quality assurance. The generic nature of the document is intentional. To apply the test guidelines on any element of the CEN ISSS WS/BII and pilot projects e.g. PEPPOL should require little effort. The steps necessary to follow should ultimately be the same for any IT effort, independent of whether the scope (subject for testing) is eInvoicing, eOrdering or eCatalogue etc.

This Report is developed in cooperation between PEPPOL and CEN ISSS WS/BII WG 4, and is aligned with the draft report CEN ISSS WS/BII WG 4 Test Guidelines version 0.9 . PEPPOL deliverable 5.1 is divided into three reports:

a) Test Guidelines (the present report)

b) Evaluation Guidelines

c) Pilot Execution Guidelines

The deliverable has been issued by the PEPPOL project.

Number of pages: 33

Nature of documentation: Technical report


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