EU/IT: Italy takes first step…

EU/IT: Italy takes first steps to exchange PEPPOL eInvoices

Published on: 21/11/2011

More specifically: 

  • the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) received an electronic invoice from an Icelandic supplier;
  • Consip, the Central Purchasing body of Italian Public Administrations, received an eInvoice from the Swedish National Financial Management Authority (ESV);
  • Intercent-ER, the Agency for the development of electronic marketplaces of Region Emilia-Romagna, received an eInvoice, fully compliant with Italian laws, from an Italian supplier using the PEPPOL transport infrastructure. 

The eInvoice received by Consip was sent by ESV through the PEPPOL Access Point of a Swedish operator, while the eInvoices to the MEF and Intercent-ER were sent through the PEPPOL Access Points provided by a Danish operator.

All three eInvoices were received through the Access Point of Intercent-ER, thus proving the capability of the PEPPOL transport infrastructure in several scenarios: (1) across two EU countries participating in PEPPOL, (2) within the national borders of a country participating in PEPPOL, and (3) from a country that is not participating in the PEPPOL project (Iceland).

The eInvoices received by MEF and Consip based on the data model chosen by PEPPOL as the basis for its specification, namely CEN/BII (Business Interoperability Interfaces for Public procurement in Europe) have been exchanged using a component of the SIFE system (Intermediation System for E-Invoices), developed by Consip and MEF under the PEPPOL project. Upon receipt, the SIFE system transformed the eInvoices from the PEPPOL specification to the format that will be adopted by Italian Public Administrations. This achievement shows that eInvoices can be received seamlessly across borders by Italian Central Administrations.

The eInvoices received by Intercent-ER represent the first step of a wider project. In the region of Emilia-Romagna, Intercent-ER is engaged in the development of new solutions for rationalising public expenditure for goods and services. eInvoicing has been identified as one of the key elements that will generate significant benefits for both public administrations and companies, in terms of dematerialisation, reduction of archiving costs and integration of the order-to-payment cycle. 

Intercent-ER is operating as the PEPPOL Italian Authority for the Transport Infrastructure, and its Access Point will be available to all Italian Public Administrations wishing to participate in the current pilot phase of the project. 


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