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EU/NO: Procurement portal lists bodies able to receive PEPPOL documents

EU/NO: Procurement portal lis…

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Published on: 10/11/2011 News Archived

The Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi) has published on Norway's public eProcurement portal '' the lists of PEPPOL Access Points which are in operation or under development in Norway. A list of public sector entities ready to receive invoices and credit notes in the PEPPOL BIS / EHF format (*) is available along with a list of the ERP vendors and web portal services that can send and receive PEPPOL documents. The lists will be updated regularly.

The advantage of using PEPPOL Access Points is that a supplier or a buyer does not need to consider the data format or standard that is required at the receiver end. The electronic document can be sent to the access point, which is then forwarded to the correct access point of the receiving organisation.

(*) The documents must be compliant with the PEPPOL Business Interoperability Specifications (PEPPOL BIS). Within Norway, the official format is a PEPPOL BIS compliant format called Electronic Commerce Format (EHF). If suppliers cannot produce invoices in the EHF format, they can use an EHF compliant web portal service.

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