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The Collaboration with EU Academy Expands the Reach of the PM² Methodologies

EU Academy and PM² Methodologies

Published on: 28/06/2024 News

The European Commission's Methodologies Office at DG-DIGIT and the EU Academy at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) continue their collaboration for the dissemination of the official EC Project Management Methodologies (PM²) through free high-quality e-learning courses accessible to all. 

This initiative aims to broaden the outreach of PM² and other management frameworks beyond the EU institutions, targeting both public and private sector organisations for the purpose of increasing project management competency throughout Europe and beyond. 


The future expansion of the initiative includes developing micro-learnings and multilingual versions to enhance accessibility and building up partnerships with key stakeholders, including public administrations, non-profit organisations, and management authorities of EU and National Funds, to expand the reach and impact of methodologies.

The impact of EU Academy for the promotion of the PM² Methodologies was showcased at the EU Academy Day organised by JRC on 29 May in Brussels. Nicos Kourounakis, senior consultant at EU institutions and Methodology Expert, highlighted the significance of this partnership:

'Our collaboration with the EU Academy in extending the reach of our methodologies is very important. By offering free e-learning courses, we ensure that knowledge and resources are accessible to a wider audience, fostering better project management practices across various sectors.'

Paul Hearn, Business Manager of the EU Academy project and the organiser of the event, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration's future. 

'This partnership with the EC Methodologies Office exemplifies our commitment to sharing valuable knowledge and methodologies beyond the confines of the EU institutions," Hearn stated. "By leveraging digital platforms and strategic alliances, we are poised to support a diverse range of organisations in improving their project management capabilities.'

Thanks to the EU Academy platform, the Open PM² courses can be followed from all over the world. The PM² offering at the platform currently includes two courses, the first one on the essentials of the PM² Project Management Methodology and the second one on tailored PM²-Agile practices. Find out more at

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