Core Vocabularies WG Virtual Meeting 2011.11.21

Published on: 21/03/2012
Last update: 21/11/2011


Monday 21 November 2011, 10-12:00 CET (UTC+1) (world clock)

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Agenda Item Owner Subject
1 PA Welcome and overview
2 All Tour de Table
3 VP / JP Core Vocabularies in the context of the ISA programme
4 GP Core Person Vocabulary
5 PM Core Business Vocabulary
6 PS Core Location Vocabulary
7 PA

A proposal for how to make this work:

  • weekly telecons beginning 14:00 CET, one hour per Task Force (so people can jump in or out as they wish);
  • we have this wiki - internal documentation evolves here;
  • we have a separate system for the mailing list and issue tracking;
  • drafts will be public and will appear on (so they are readily shared);
  • eventual namespace TBA

Step 1: Use Cases
To be followed by:

  • Review of existing work (each specific page on this wiki has links to several examples);
  • Development of a conceptual model;
  • encoding using relevant existing vocabularies, minting new terms only if necessary.

Meeting Minutes

CV WG Virtual Meeting 2011.11.21 - Minutes.pdf

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