Publication of the Core Busin…

Publication of the Core Business Vocabulary as RegOrg on the W3C standards track

Published on: 09/01/2013

An RDF syntax of the Core Business Vocabulary has now been formally published on the W3C standards track as a First Public Working Draft. It has been revised and renamed into Registered Organization Vocabulary (RegOrg) and it is now and extension of the broader Organization Ontology.


The objective of these changes is to achieve better alignment with the broader Organization Ontology (Org), which describes core ontology for organizational structures. However, the fundamentals of the Core Business Vocabulary remain unchanged, in particular the use of the ADMS Identifier class to capture the actual registration information.

Together, Org and RegOrg offer a powerful means to describe any organisation, its organisational units, its registered entities, its locations and its staff. The ISA programme is also currently further building on these vocabularies in the Core Public Service Vocabulary Working Group.

Initially, this vocabulary was created by a group chaired by DG MARKT of the European Commission and sponsored by the ISA Programme. This core vocabulary was designed to enable interoperability among business registers and any other ICT based solutions exchanging and processing information related to registered businesses.

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